Causes and remedies for constipation

When talking about ‘constipation’ many people will think of a strong constipation, but nothing is further from reality. The word constipation is synonymous with constipation. In fact, in both English and French, this disorder is referred to with that word.

Soon, on August 17, they will be 42 years old after the death of the one considered ‘The King’, one of the best musicians of all time, Elvis Presley. Not everyone knows that he died in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion in Memphis. The mythical singer passed long hours in this stay It had a black ‘throne’, TV, two phones, an intercom, several chairs and a huge three-meter shower with a vinyl chair in the center. The reason was that suffered from chronic constipation, perhaps because of some type of intestinal paralysis or because of the large amount of medication, such as pain relievers, tranquilizers or codeine, which were consumed and which are known to produce this annoying side effect.

The fact was that during his autopsy he was found to suffer from a Severe intestinal obstruction by fecal material. Possibly this caused him great discomfort in the last days of his life and was the cause of the noticeable dilation of his abdomen and has even been considered, by some, as one of the causes of his death.

Worse luck suffered the warlord Uesugi Kenshin, who in the 10th century was cast and killed while doing his needs. This is what is known as the ‘samurai posture’, with the leg crossed and the ankle resting on the opposite limb to facilitate defecation. No wonder, given the clothes they wore. It is worth thinking about also seeing the dress of the last MET gala in New York, how will the guests at the party meet their needs with such models?

Constipation increases when we are traveling or away from home

The causes of constipation

The fact is that constipation affects between a 15 and 20% of the population. It increases when we are traveling or away from home, like these days during the holidays, and it is more frequent in women and in people over 65 years.

It is difficult to define normality speaking of bowel movements, this may be between three times a week and three times a day. Speaking of constipation implies more a feeling of discomfort, exaggerated effort, cramps, scarce, dry and hard stools, an incomplete evacuation sensation or difficulty defecating.

As for the causes can be multiple. Since the lack of physical exercise or obesity, poor diet with few fruits or vegetables (rich in fiber) to psychological factors, diseases, medication, immobility for whatever reason, etc.

How to fight it

The first, of course, will be to change our diet. Eat more fruits (preferably in the shell) and vegetables or other foods high in fiber, as dietary supplements, if necessary. Avoid processed foods and reduce the consumption of meat or other delicacies of heavy digestion with abundant fat and also sausages. The best thing will be to know ourselves and know what feels bad to us.

Lead a healthy life, avoiding obesity, self-medication and smoking. Also immobility and exercising regularly can help a lot. If not, it will be best to consult with a specialist. There are suppositories, microenemas, ointments and other medications or also infusions that can help us to be regular. In case we have hemorrhoids or an anal fissure surgery may be necessary to solve the problem. If not, you can do what's hot among Hollywood actors, eat kale and dandelion infusions and feel like a ‘celebrity’ at least ‘those’ minutes of the day.

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