Castor oil: what it is for and what are the benefits it brings to health

Today, it is possible to find a wide variety of products that serve to improve health. The Castor oil It is one of the most used essential oils, this is due to the multiple benefits it brings to health. It is effective to combat various conditions and at the same time, it regenerates nails, hair and eyelashes. In other words, for those looking for a magic potion, castor oil is the closest thing.

Castor oil What is it?

Castor oil is a viscous fluid obtained from a plant known as ricinus communis. It is extracted specifically from its seeds, its appearance is quite viscous, while its color is pale yellow. In several parts of the world it is considered a multi-use product, since it not only serves to fight diseases.

Today, it is quite popular when it comes to cosmetics and other products for hair and skin care. Without a doubt, castor oil properties make it a great health benefit.

It contains vitamin E, proteins and also essential fatty acids. When these components are absorbed by the skin, its repairing function is activated, which hydrates and rejuvenates. Besides, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. This is essential to avoid and combat various internal and external conditions.

Although the flavor of this oil is not very pleasant, at home it is used in different ways. This makes it a very versatile product.

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What are the main benefits of castor oil?

The castor oil benefits they are essential for health care. It is important to remember that it can prevent and calm a large number of diseases. In addition, it is widely used when it comes to caring for hair and repairs damaged nails and eyelashes. Among the most prominent benefits are the following:

Ideal for relieving constipation

Ingesting castor oil in moderation is a good option for those who need a natural laxative. It is used to solve digestion and constipation problems, it allows a better flow of intestinal activity. Thus facilitating the evacuations of the waste found in the colon.

It is advisable to see a doctor before starting treatment with castor oil. When it comes to health, the ideal is to have the approval of a specialist.

Relax muscles

This natural product has anti-inflammatory effects, so applying it to stiff muscles helps to relax them. This is due to the properties of this oil, which allows blood and other liquids to circulate correctly. In this way, inflammation decreases while oxygen increases.

It is a perfect to get rid of calluses on the feet

Having calluses on your feet is something quite unpleasant, for this reason the use of castor oil is recommended to eliminate them. Vitamin E, as well as the essential fatty acids that this oil contains, are ideal for hydrating dry feet and treating the appearance of annoying calluses. The effects are quite fast, as castor oil is easily absorbed through the skin. Decreasing infections, cracks and dryness.

Regenerates eyebrows and eyelashes

Another advantage in the use of this product is that it increases the volume of the eyebrows and eyelashes. This is achieved mainly by the essential fats, vitamins and proteins that this natural product contains. Thus becoming an important element to maintain beauty.

Relieves sunburn

When it comes to relieving skin burns, the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effect that castor oil provides are essential. This allows a regeneration of the affected area to accelerate. Blisters caused by sunburn will be reduced due to the effect of ricinoleic acid. For its part, damaged skin will be hydrated and regenerated, thanks to omega 3 fatty acids.

Soothes the ailments derived from arthritis

People suffering from arthritis can find relief from castor oil treatment. This product is not only anti-inflammatory, it also has a great analgesic effect that reduces the pain caused by this condition.

Fight stretch marks

By combining this oil with other products such as moisturizers, you get a powerful effect capable of fighting stretch marks. Castor oil is rich in healthy fats, which improves the natural elasticity of the skin, while keeping it moisturized. To achieve a smoother skin, the fatty acids obtained from this product are necessary, since it regenerates and strengthens the fibers.

Revitalizes hair

This is one of the most common uses of this natural product, the castor oil for hair It has been used since ancient times. Today, it is still applied, as it restores the healthy appearance of the hair. It is a product that contains a large amount of fatty acids, which allows it to maintain moisture. For its part, proteins make it more resistant and prevent it from falling.

It is perfect to solve the problem of split ends and at the same time, it regulates the pH of the scalp. Its application is recommended for people who have damaged or fragile hair. Besides, it prevents and eliminates dandruff quickly and effectively.

Eliminate styes

One of the most recognized properties of castor oil is its great anti-inflammatory effect. Which makes this product an indispensable option for treating unpleasant styes. Its antibacterial compounds make it easier for the inflammation in the eyelids to diminish rapidly until it disappears completely.

Soothe flu symptoms

Castor oil is essential, as it helps maintain good health for people. Another of its most frequent uses is to combat the symptoms of flu and colds. The properties of this natural product relieve congestion, while keeping the airways free.

Reduces dark circles

One of the most common symptoms of problems falling asleep is dark circles. By applying this product those dark bags that appear under the eyes are reduced. All you need is to apply a couple of drops on the dark circles before and after sleeping.

How is castor oil used?

Some people are a bit confused when they learn how beneficial this product can be. Because of their versatility they sometimes do not know how to use castor oil correctly. For this, the first thing they should do is go to the doctor to get a better reference.

Now, to ingest it and combat any stomach ailment, it is advisable to directly ingest a couple of tablespoons of this product. Its consumption is not recommended more than once a day.

To eliminate corns, burns and relieve muscle aches, you only need to apply a good amount of the product on the affected area. The next thing is to massage the area preferably using circular movements. This should be done until completely absorbed by the skin.

When it comes to hydrating the skin and caring for the hair, it is best to combine castor oil with other products. In this way, it will be more effective and the results will be noticed faster. To apply it, the necessary amount is poured on the scalp or skin and then massaged until the product disappears.

Castor oil contradictions

Without a doubt, castor oil is very beneficial to health, however, there are some contraindications that should be taken into account before using this product. Some castor oil contradictions, are the following:

– The seed of the castor plant is highly toxic, so it should never be consumed.

– It is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, especially those with hypersensitivity.

– The use of this product in pregnant women is totally prohibited. This is because it can lead to early labor and strong contractions.

– During the lactation period, this oil cannot be ingested, as it could be combined with breast milk, which is not recommended for the baby.

– People with gastric problems such as irritable bowel should not consume this product.

– In the face of intestinal obstructions, this natural oil could cause intense pain in the abdominal area. For this reason, its consumption is not recommended in these cases.


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