Cases in Andalusia double and income in Euskadi grows

The coronavirus pandemic has registered in the last 24 hours more than 697,958 new cases and more than 12,648 deaths, with which it has reached a total of 69.5, almost touching the 70 million infected people worldwide, according to the balance published this Friday by Johns Hopkins University.

The global number of deaths from covid-19 already stands at 1,581,902. More than 44.8 million people have managed to overcome the illness caused by the virus.

U.S has registered in recent weeks the worst case data of the entire pandemic, that raise the accumulated to 15.61 million infections. The fatalities from covid-19 on US soil rise to 292,179.

In the case of India, the second most punished country in the world, adds more than 9.79 million cases and accumulates 142,186 deaths. Brazil it remains in third position of this classification that is configured from the data of 191 countries and territories with cases of coronavirus. The South American giant has registered more than 6.78 million cases and 179,765 deaths.

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22.00 – This is how we have told you the news of the coronavirus in Spain and in the world this Sunday. Thanks for reading and good evening.

19:54 – LA RIOJA | La Rioja has not notified nor a new deceased by covid-19 in the last 24 hours, according to the latest data offered by the regional government. For its part, active cases have dropped from 506 yesterday to 498 this Friday (8 less) while hospital pressure has risen in one person to 75 admitted. In addition, our community has registered 54 new infections.

19:47 – CASTILLA-LA MANCHA | The Government of Castilla-La Mancha, through the General Directorate of Public Health, has confirmed 474 new cases of coronavirus infection, which is an increase compared to the data of this Thursday, when 309 positives were reported. On the other hand, the number of deaths has fallen slightly, going from 15 this Thursday to 12.

By provinces, Ciudad Real has registered 139 cases, Albacete 118, Toledo 109, Cuenca 56 and Guadalajara 52, as reported by the Board in a press release.

The cumulative number of cases since the start of the pandemic is 93,318. By provinces, Toledo accumulates 35,639 cases, Ciudad Real 21,857, Albacete 15,402, Guadalajara 11,058 and Cuenca 9,362.

19:32 – The Ministry of Health has registered 10,519 new infections, compared to the 7,955 infected notified this Thursday, so that the number of people affected by coronavirus amounts to 1,730,575 since the beginning of the pandemic. For its part, the cumulative incidence rate, that is, the number of cases diagnosed per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, continues its downward trend, standing this Friday at 189.56.

Health registers 10,519 new coronavirus infections and 280 more deaths

Ana Maria Rodriguez

19:14 – The Executive Director of Health Emergencies of the World Health Organization (WHO), Bruce Aylward, has warned that, althoughe the "light at the end of the tunnel shines brighter every week" Thanks to the results that are being obtained with the vaccines against covid-19, most of them "are still scarce."

"The big problem is that most vaccines are rare And, despite the fact that many companies have already announced the efficacy of their vaccines, others have said that either they will not be able to manufacture the desirable ones or that they are detecting adverse effects once administered ", said the expert.

With a mask if visitors come: the new WHO recommendation guide against coronavirus

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18:12 – Most pregnant women who test positive for coronavirus upon arrival in the delivery room are asymptomatic, according to an article by Mount Sinai researchers published in the scientific journal 'PLOS One'.

In a retrospective cross-sectional study of universal screening tests for SARS-Cov-2 implemented in the delivery unit at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York during March and April, researchers found that more than a third of nearly 130 pregnant women tested positive for the coronavirus.

A doctor takes the stress of a pregnant woman. (iStock)

17:58 – MADRID | The Community of Madrid has notified 2,200 new infections of covid-19 this Friday (904 of them diagnosed in the last 24 hours), 398 more than those added yesterday, and 13 people have died from this disease in Madrid hospitals, one less than the day before.

Hospitalized patients admitted during the day have also decreased (from 1,298 to 1,279), although the UCI ones have risen (from 298 to 301), according to the report published daily by the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid.

The total number of infections in the Community since the start of the pandemic amounts to 370,269 and the number of deaths from coronavirus in hospitals to 12,554.

53% of residences in Madrid have a medium-high immunity to coronavirus


17:46 – EXTREMADURA | The confirmed cases of coronavirus have risen to 209 in the last 24 hours in Extremadura, in which two deaths have been registered, which are a 92-year-old man from Plasencia and a 99-year-old woman from Portaje.

In addition, in Extremadura hospitals 162 people have entered, two less than this past Thursday, while the number of patients admitted to the ICU remains at 27, according to the Junta de Extremadura in a press release, in which it indicates that 134 discharges have been registered in the last day.

Thus, with the two deaths from covid-19 registered in the last day in Extremadura the death toll rises to 1,007 since the start of the pandemic.

Extremadura's plans to reactivate the economy in post-covid normality

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17:24 – MADRID | A 63-year-old woman, first patient of Isabel Zendal Nurse Hospital, which came into operation this Friday with the arrival of the first patient, derived from the emergency department of the Gregorio Mara帽贸n University Hospital.

The patient, with Covid-19 pneumonia with stable prognosis, has entered at 2:15 p.m. in pavilion 2 of the new hospital, where she has been transferred in an ambulance of the Emergency Medical Service, Summa 112, according to sources from the Ministry of Health.

Escudero assures that 116 volunteers will already join the Isabel Zendal Hospital

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17:12 | The entire population of Sweden, that is, their ten million inhabitants, they will receive a text message with the latest rules of behavior and restrictions to combat the spread of coronavirus.

The Swedish Government hopes that, with this measure, the population will crystal clear how you should act this Christmas in a country known for having approached this crisis differently than many other countries in the world: easing the restrictions in exchange for asking its citizens a greater exercise of personal responsibility.

Europe, the loser of the crisis: faces a relapse and lags behind the US and China

Javier G. Jorr铆n

17:00 | The Governor of the Bank of Spain, Pablo Hernandez de Cos, has pointed out that vaccine distribution in the coming months it will allow gradually lift restrictive measures that weigh down the economy but warns that it will not be "abrupt". Hern谩ndez de Cos, who closes this Friday the appearances on the General State Budgets of 2021 in the Parliamentary Committee of the Senate, has insisted that the effects of the vaccines will take time to arrive.

He reiterated that in a central scenario of a 6.8% increase in GDP for 2021 certain uncertainties weigh, such as the evolution of the vaccine, and has warned that "the severity of the containment measures will be maintained in the first quarter"." The distribution of vaccines will allow the removal of containment measures but not abruptly, "he stressed after reiterating that the effects of the pandemic will be" relatively persistent "and there will be no recovery until 2023.

The Bank of Spain cools the government's forecasts: GDP will grow by 6.8% in 2021

Javier G. Jorr铆n

16:49 – BASQUE COUNTRY | Euskadi has registered this past Thursday 597 new positives in coronavirus, which is 151 more than the previous day, but the positivity rate has been lowered by one point, up to 5.6%, with more tests carried out. In addition, 65 people have entered the ward, eleven more than the previous day, and there are 117 patients in the ICU, one more.

According to the data made public this Friday by the Basque Department of Health, throughout this past Thursday 10,656 PCR and antigen tests have been carried out in the Basque Country, above the 6,767 tests of the previous day, of which 597 have been positive, compared to 446 the day before. In this way, the rate of positives in relation to the diagnostic tests performed has been reduced by one point, from 6.6% to 5.6%.

Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, in Vizcaya. (EFE)

16:39 | He World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) considers that PCR diagnoses currently used by the health authority in Spain for the detection of covid-19 in travelers, they put the country "at a frank disadvantage"versus other competing tourist destinations.

The WTTC has recommended this Friday to Spain the replacement of PCR tests, which due to their degree of complexity take several hours to produce a result, which complicates the realization of trips and tourist activity, by rapid antigen tests, which offer a more agile diagnosis, in a matter of minutes.

16:24 – CANARY ISLANDS | Canary Islands has added 242 new cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours, of which 197 have been produced in Tenerife, with the total accumulating currently in the islands of 22,938 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, while in the last day they have had to regretr six new deaths -five in Tenerife and one in Gran Canaria- that put the death toll at 355.

Thus, of the total number of cases that the Canary Islands have registered, 4,741 are active, which is 41 more than a day ago, according to the data published by the Canarian Ministry of Health after 2:00 p.m. Currently, of the active cases on the islands, 41 people are kept in an Intensive Care Unit (-2), 266 in the hospital ward (+4) and 4,441 are isolated at home. Likewise, a total of 17,835 people have been discharged after contracting the coronavirus virus.

Photo: EFE.

16:12 – ASTURIAS | The Government of the Principality will maintain the perimeter closure of the community during Christmas, although it will allow entry and exit to visit family and friends, while limiting party meetings to a maximum of ten people, except in the case of cohabitants. However, these meetings for the dates indicated -24, 25 and 31 December and 1 and 6 January- may only be held between a maximum of two groups of coexistence.

The Government of the Principality has specified that the term "relative" refers to "those people with whom, without having a kinship relationship, an emotional bond of a couple or similar is maintained"These measures are in line with those agreed by the Central Executive with the rest of the autonomous communities to make the perimeter closures more flexible during the Christmas period.

Asturias will allow reunions with relatives and limits meetings to 10 people


16:00 | Health has on the table the aAgreement reached between the autonomous communities and the Vice Presidency of Social Rights so that mondays are done antigen testing of workers in residential centers of the elderly and people with disabilities.

In the last Territorial Council of Social Services and Dependency, held on December 9, it was approved to unanimously request the Ministry of Health that evaluates the performance of these weekly rapid tests to all the personnel of the centers "according to the capacities of the health system," explain sources from that department.

Photo: EFE.

15:51 | The central government has accepted the request of the Community of Madrid to bring the Covid Group together on Tuesday, at 4:30 p.m., to address the possibility of perform tests in pharmacies, as reported by sources familiar with the appointment.

The Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado, requested this meeting on Thursday. For the regional leader, "It is essential to implement a massive covid diagnosis strategy in order to avoid a third wave".

15:39 | Portugal has passed this Friday again the 5,000 cases of covid -19 in a single day, a threshold that has not exceeded since December 5 and that raises the number of people diagnosed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic above 340,000.

Specifically, the Portuguese General Directorate of Health (DGS) has registered 340,287 positives, of which 5,373 correspond to patients already deceased -95 more than Thursday-. The authorities estimate that there are 71,266 active cases, while the number of patients admitted to hospitals is around 3,230, of which 507 are admitted to intensive care units.

Portugal studies first vaccinating seriously ill patients between 50 and 75 years old


15:32 – BALEARIC ISLANDS | The cumulative incidence of covid-19 in the last 14 days in Balearic Islands have changed trend and it has gone from registering 208.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 237.4 during the last week, according to the report of the Balearic Epidemiology Service published this Friday and with information until December 8. By islands, the incidence is especially increased in Menorca and Mallorca, while it goes down in Ibiza and Formentera.

In the case of the island of Minorca, the incidence is situated this week in 142.4 cases per 100,000 populations, while the pass was 95.3, which represents practically a 50% increase in just seven days. In Mallorca, the incidence has increased from 235.5 cases detected for every 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days of the past week to 272.9, 16% more.

Instead, the island of Ibiza its incidence of covid-19 continues to decrease. This has happened from a cumulative incidence of 127.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in two weeks to 99.4. In Formentera, the incidence is 33 cases per 100,000 (Last week it was 57.8).

In the image, the Es Freus coastline next to the Mola fortress, in Mah贸n. (EFE)

15:20 The Community of Madrid will be closed perimeter from December 23 to January 6, although it will allow travel to visit family and friends in this period, without applying this exception on specific days, as other autonomous communities have decided.

At a press conference on the epidemiological and healthcare situation in the region, the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 Plan, Antonio Zapatero, has indicated this Wednesday that the Community of Madrid will comply with the Christmas plan agreed in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System.

According to the regulations of the Government of Spain, he has pointed out, the perimeter closure will be from December 23 to January 6 and you can go in and out, "as long as you go to visit a relative or close friend".

What is really a relative? The keyword of Christmas restrictions

Fran S谩nchez Becerril

15:09 – The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has asked the Ministry of Health what clarify the usefulness and convenience of rapid tests of antigens and antibodies that are offered in clinics and private laboratories for a price ranging between 35 and 100 euros.

He rapid antigen test It is one of the active infection tests indicated in case of suspected infection (the other is the well-known PCR) and requires a professional to extract a nasopharyngeal sample from the patient.

14:54 – ASTURIAS | Confirmed this Friday the death of 15 people with covid-19 in Asturias; eight women 69, 74, 82, 86, 86, 89, 92 and 93 years old, and seven men aged 65, 79, 83, 84, 85, 87 and 94. Three of these people lived in a residential center for the elderly .

In addition, the detection of 127 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Asturias, in a day in which there have been 5,523 tests.

14:24 – CASTILLA Y LE脫N | Post a total of 131,527 positive for coronavirus, from them 639 new, With 20 new fatalities (15 of them in hospitals and five in residences) and a total of 18,556 hospital discharges, of them 101 new, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health.

This Friday's statistics record 15 deaths in hospitals. A total of 3,933 deaths in this area have been reported so far in the Community. For its part, hospital discharges of patients who were admitted with covid-19 already reach 18,556, after adding another 101 in the previous 24 hours.

The active sprouts currently in the Community as a whole are 220, ten more.

14:21 – Who wants leave or enter Navarra at Christmas to meet with your family or relatives you must sign a responsible statement in which it will be stated that it is moving for this purpose, a document that can be downloaded on the pages of the Administrations.

Navarra will request a responsible declaration from anyone who wants to leave or enter at Christmas

Europa Press

14:11 The president of Cantabria, Miguel 脕ngel Revilla, has stated that restriction will not be lifted what prohibits entry to the interior of the hospitality establishments until the Ministry of Health recommends it.

"The Government in this case is Health", who is the one who "tells the president and the government what we have to do" during the pandemic situation. "Revilla does not open the bars", "I do not believe that any president will do so," he declared.

"Revilla does not open the bars", "I do not think any president does"

14:06 – BALEARIC ISLANDS | He has notified the Ministry of Health this Friday 303 new positives and a death, so that the accumulated total is 26,923 reported cases and 428 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic in the Islands.

As reported by the Ministry of Health and Consumption, in the last 24 hours there have been 3,680 tests to detect coronavirus, of which 258 have been positive (22 more than the previous day). In this way, the positivity rate rises to the 7.01%. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 669,049 tests have been carried out in the Islands.

14:03 The President of the Government, Pedro S谩nchez, has demanded this Friday that the member states of the European Union deepen their cooperation on vaccines and coordinate your vaccination campaigns and start dosing the same week.

As explained by the president at a press conference in Brussels after the European Council meeting, if it were not for concerted action within the bloc, there would be "equitable" access to vaccines.

"We have requested to go hand in hand and start vaccinating the same week"

For this reason, he has asked that the block continue with the coordinated strategy to be able to share information among the partners before the "formidable challenge" which represents the administration of treatments for the coronavirus. "We have asked to go hand in hand, start vaccinating but on the same day, start the same week," he said.

"Be the first time millions of people have been vaccinated with different vaccines to combat the same virus ", has assured the President of the Government.

The President of the Government, Pedro S谩nchez, during the press conference in Brussels. (EFE)

13:59 – The Canal de Isabel II, which manages water in the Community of Madrid, has collected since April 5,800 samples -300 weekly- in 289 network sanitation points to track the coronavirus in wastewater and will create in early 2021 own laboratory to carry out the analyzes.

The tool detects the presence of covid-19 remains in untreated wastewater and allows anticipate the incidence of the virus wherever it is occurring.

Madrid uses wastewater to insist on its plan for basic health areas

P. Esteban

13:57 The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, today highlighted the "fundamental role" of primary care in the public health system, during a visit he made this Friday to the Centelles Primary Care Center (CAP), which these days celebrates its twentieth anniversary.

13:41 – The active cases between staff of the Canary Islands add 25 out of more than 30,000 male and female teachers, and those of male and female students 179 of the more than 324,000 enrolled in the archipelago.

As reported by the Ministry of Health, the number of groups of Infant, Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate in quarantine for covid-19 stands, for the third consecutive week, at 0.1%.

13:21 – BASQUE COUNTRY | The hospital admissions diaries of people affected by covid have experienced increase in the last hours until 65, the highest figure since November 27, although the epidemiological evolution in Euskadi has dropped one point in positivity, to 5.6%.

These data are given when this next midnight will rise some current restrictions so far to control the pandemic, such as the one affecting the hospitality industry The Basque Government's Health Department has announced that 10,565 diagnostic tests were carried out this Thursday, almost 3,800 more than the previous day, in which 597 people tested positive, vs. 446 on Wednesday.

13:20 The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has criticized that the central government has reduced the number of vaccines that autonomy was initially going to receive in January and has censured that they sell "a plan without a plan."

"At this rate, the way things are developing, I'm afraid we're going to run out of vaccine even in january because the Government of Spain is going to manage the strategy of the vaccine itself ", he declared at the presentation of the Vig铆a Plan, at the Royal Post Office.

13:18 – MURCIA | The number of new coronavirus cases in the Murcia region has been located in 212 in the last 24 hours, in a day in which eight people have died, four women and four men of 61, 77, 77, 82, 85, 86, 89, 92 years, four of them from Murcia and the rest from Archena, Mazarr贸n, Caravaca de la Cruz and Cartagena.

So, the death toll registered for this disease in the Community amounts to 650, according to the data provided by the corresponding Epidemiology Service this Thursday at 11:59 p.m.

12:41 – ANDALUSIA | This Friday, December 11, adds 1,162 cases of covid-19 coronavirus after four days with figures below a thousand, as reported by the Minister of Health and Families, Jes煤s Aguirre, who counts 33 deaths, 23 less than Thursday and seven less than seven days ago.

12:22 – The Balearic Islands will require a PCR test for national tourists from December 20. Controls will be made to all those who travel to the Balearic Islands from elsewhere in Spain and a distinction will be made between three groups -tourists, visitors for a reason and residents of the Balearic Islands-.

The Balearic Islands will require a PCR test for national tourists from December 20


11:50 Nurse Isabel Zendal emergency hospital, inaugurated on December 1 in Madrid, receives its first coronavirus patients this Friday, that will be transferred from the emergency services of other hospitals based on a series of clinical profiles.

It has been detailed by the Madrid Deputy Minister of Public Health and the Covid-19 plan, Antonio Zapatero, in a press conference to update the information on the epidemiological and healthcare situation in the region by coronavirus. For now, the new hospital will be dedicated to treating coronavirus patients to try to decongest the work of other hospitals of the Community of Madrid.

11:42 – GALICIA | The community has added 324 new positives by covid-19 in one day, which implies a rebound with respect to the 255 notified the previous day. In addition, the PCR positivity rate has risen again to the 5.4%, when 24 hours ago it was from 2.3%.

However, according to the last part published by the website of the Conseller铆a de Sanidade, with data collected until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, total hospital pressure in the Galician Community continues to low with a total of 360 people, nine less than a day ago. However, it is necessary to differentiate those admitted to the ward, which decrease by 12 and are placed in 309, from critical patients, who increase by one to 51.

The Xunta announces screenings in hospitality and asks for caution before Christmas


11:40 – He Pius Hospital de Valls suffers a Covid-19 outbreak affecting 26 people and, on the other hand, there are also another outbreak in the STS residence in Cambrils, with 54 affected, as reported by the Department of Health in Camp de Tarragona. In both cases, they are all mild cases, most of them asymptomatic or with few symptoms.

11:39 – The British pharmaceutical AstraZeneca has confirmed this Friday that will start "soon" to investigate the combination of your vaccine against covid-19 with the Russian preparation, Sputnik V, for the purpose of intensify its effectiveness.

AstraZeneca to investigate combining its COVID-19 vaccine with the Russian dose Sputnik


11:36 A Christmas lottery in times of pandemic. Nine months have passed since Spain went into a state of alarm over the coronavirus pandemic in the hope that they were a few days of isolation. The truth is that there were more, and nothing has been the same since that time. And the Christmas Lottery draw was not going to be less: the celebration of one of the greatest exponents of the Spanish Christmas tradition has also been affected by the current situation, and even with the vaccine against covid-19 on the way back from the corner, this 'gala' will not take place as we knew it until now.

Fewer children and no audience for the first time in history: this will be the 2020 Christmas Lottery draw

The confidential

11:23 – The Official Gazette of Castile and Leon (Bocyl) publishes in its edition of this Friday, day 11, the agreement signed by the Chairman of the Board, Alfonso Fern谩ndez Ma帽ueco, by which It is extended until Sunday, January 10, 2021, inclusive, the limitation of the entry and exit of people from the territory of the Community of Castilla y Le贸n.

Specifically and as stated in this agreement collected by Europa Press, this agreement will have effects between 00.00 hours this Friday, December 11, 2020, until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 10, 2021. During the period of its effectiveness, it will be subject to continuous monitoring and evaluation "in order to guarantee its adaptation to the evolution of health, epidemiological, social, economic and mobility indicators and, by virtue of this, it may be maintained, modified or terminated ".

Castilla y Le贸n will maintain its perimeter closure until next January 10


11:02 The Swiss multinational Roche announced today the launch of its Elecsys antigen test for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, capable of identifying its presence in a person in just 18 minutes and with a reliability of 94.5%.

Roche launches a rapid test to detect covid infections with an efficiency of 94.5%


10:45 – CATALONIA | The epidemiological situation is stabilized in Catalonia, at the same time that the hospital pressure, while the speed of transmission of the virus (Rt) has dropped by one hundredth and has stood at 0.95, although since Thursday 1,856 new infections have been diagnosed and another 28 deaths from covid have been reported.

Hospital pressure drops in Catalonia, although it adds 1,856 coronavirus infections

Europa Press

10:36 – Portugal fights for reduce the daily curve of new infected y en la 煤ltima semana ha logrado que los infectados sean menos que los curados, por lo que el n煤mero de casos activos con covid-19 es de 70.382 personas, reducido el jueves en 1.800.

Aunque con altibajos, Portugal parece aplacar la curva de contagios, aunque no acaba de doblegar el balance de fallecidos diarios, que la v铆spera tuvo un repunte hasta los 86 muertos y se acerc贸 al peor dato diario de la pandemia, alcanzado el 16 de noviembre con 91 decesos.

10:30 鈥 Rusia registr贸 en la 煤ltima jornada 613 muertes por coronavirus, lo que supone un nuevo m谩ximo desde el inicio de la pandemia, informaron hoy las autoridades sanitarias.

El n煤mero diario de muertes confirmadas por coronavirus en Rusia comenz贸 a aumentar en noviembre y continu贸 en diciembre. El r茅cord previo fue registrado el pasado d铆a 2 con 589 decesos.

10:00 鈥 Madrid har谩 test de ant铆genos a los j贸venes tras la Navidad y elimina las restricciones en dos zonas.

Madrid har谩 test de ant铆genos a j贸venes tras la Navidad y elimina las medidas en 2 zonas

Berta Tena

09:39 The reapertura en Francia de los cines, teatros, museos, salas de conciertos y otros equipamientos culturales depender谩 de los datos epid茅micos una vez que pasen las vacaciones de Navidad, lo que impide fijar por ahora una fecha.

Este es el mensaje de la ministra de Cultura, Roselyne Bachelot, que en una entrevista este viernes al canal BFMTV justific贸 por razones sanitarias la ducha fr铆a para el sector que supone el mantenimiento del cierre, cuando se esperaba que pudiera levantarse a partir del 15 de diciembre.

Cines cerrados en Par铆s. (EFE)

09:10 鈥 NAVARRA | Detecta 105 positivos en coronavirus tras realizar 1.909 pruebas PCR, lo que marca una tasa de positividad del 5,5%.

08:46 La vacuna contra el coronavirus en la que trabajan el grupo farmac茅utico Sanofi y el brit谩nico GSK no estar谩 lista a comienzos del segundo semestre de 2021, como esperaban, sino que se retrasar谩 al menos hasta el cuarto trimestre de 2021.

La vacuna de Sanofi-GSK se retrasa a finales de 2021 por una "respuesta insuficiente"


Sanofi explic贸 este viernes este aplazamiento por la "respuesta insuficiente" que se ha observado entre las personas mayores durante los estudios intermedios de fase I/II que se est谩n llevando a cabo. Eso podr铆a deberse a "una concentraci贸n insuficiente de ant铆genos".

08:31 A dos semanas de las Navidades, Alemania alcanza cifras r茅cord de contagios y muertes por coronavirus.

La pandemia del nuevo coronavirus ha dejado en las 煤ltimas 24 horas en Alemania 29.875 casos nuevos y 598 muertos, con lo que marca un nuevo r茅cord diario de decesos y eleva el total a 1,27 millones de personas contagiadas y m谩s de 20.900 v铆ctimas mortales, seg煤n el balance publicado este viernes por el Instituto Robert Koch (RKI), la agencia gubernamental alemana encargada del control de las enfermedades infecciosas.

Alemania bate otro r茅cord al rozar los 30.000 contagios de coronavirus y los 600 muertos

Europa Press

08:24鈥 Rusia vacunar谩 a unos 100.000 miembros de sus Fuerzas Armadas contra el covid-19 con el ant铆doto de producci贸n nacional Sp煤tnik-V antes de fin de a帽o, inform贸 este viernes el Ministerio de Defensa ruso.

"A fecha de 10 de diciembre ya han sido vacunados m谩s de 10.000 militares", declar贸 el portavoz de cartera, 脥gor Konash茅nkov, que precis贸 que unos 100.000 militares recibir谩n la vacuna antes de concluir 2020.

"En primer lugar son vacunados los m茅dicos, las tripulaciones de los buques de la Armada que se preparan para zarpar, los pilotos de las Fuerzas A茅reas, los servidores de las unidades de cohetes estrat茅gicos y los jefes de unidades de las Fuerzas Armadas", explic贸.

Foto: Reuters

08:15 – South Korea sigue cerca de los 700 casos diarios y alerta de un posible colapso hospitalario. Las autoridades sanitarias han advertido que la ola actual de la pandemia se est谩 volviendo m谩s grande y duradera que las previas, se帽alando que el aumento en los casos diarios de coronavirus amenaza con socavar el sistema m茅dico del pa铆s, dado que el n煤mero de pacientes en estado grave se est谩 incrementando r谩pidamente, en medio de una inminente escasez de camas hospitalarias: 169 personas permanecen hospitalizadas en estado grave y otras 572 han fallecido, ocho de ellas en las 煤ltimas 24 horas.

Se han diagnosticados 689 nuevos casos, de los cuales 673 son de transmisi贸n comunitaria y 16 procedentes del exterior, entre los que hay cuatro que han llegado desde Estados Unidos, otros tantos originarios de varios pa铆ses africanos, as铆 como de Europa, detalla la agencia de noticias surcoreana Yonhap.

Corea del Sur repite con casi 700 contagios de coronavirus y teme el colapso sanitario

Europa Press

08:08 鈥 En Espa帽a, mientras tanto, la incidencia del coronavirus sigue bajando y los planes del Gobierno son que las vacunas contra la covid lleguen a Espa帽a en menos de un mes, aunque las autoridades sanitarias advierten de que no ser谩n una "f贸rmula m谩gica" y que habr谩 que mantener prevenciones como las distancias de seguridad o las mascarillas.

Sanidad registra 7.955 contagios nuevos de coronavirus y 325 fallecidos m谩s

Ana Mar铆a Rodr铆guez

08:00 鈥 隆Buenos d铆as! Las localidades chinas de Dongning y Suifenhe, en la provincia nororiental de Heilongjiang, han comenzado una campa帽a de an谩lisis de 谩cido nucleico entre su poblaci贸n tras detectar dos contagios locales del coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 este jueves.

Por el momento, Suifenhe -de 70.000 habitantes, por los 230.000 de Dongning- ha decretado la restricci贸n de movimiento, y requiere resultados negativos de test de 谩cido nucleico antes de permitir la salida del municipio.

Durante el segundo trimestre del a帽o, Suifenhe fue escenario de un rebrote debido al influjo de ciudadanos chinos que regresaban de la fronteriza Rusia a trav茅s de la frontera terrestre.7

China anula la importaci贸n de congelados de dos empresas brasile帽as y una argentina