Casa Decor turns 30 in 2022! Its new spectacular spaces where you can copy the best interior design ideas from the top decorators

Casa Decor 2022 has opened its doors until May 22 (this was last year’s edition): 46 days in which the main companies in the sector present us with different proposals, styles and housing solutions, discovering the latest trends in interior design, the newest materials and coatings and innovations and technological advances applicable to the interior design sector.

Casa Decor 2022 – Jean Porsche – Photo: Felipe Scheffel

30 years have passed since Casa Decor saw the light. Three decades in which interior design has gained importance to leave behind its stigma that qualified it as a concern of the wealthy class. Every year, Casa Decor opens a unique building to the public that accommodates dozens of spaces decorated by the most outstanding interior designers of the moment, and this year it was the turn of the Goya 89 building in Madrid. With a total of 57 intervened spaces, the route runs through six floors of the building, with different spaces arranged by more than one hundred interior designers, architects, designers, landscapers, artists and craftsmen who show the avant-garde of trends, with design and most advanced technology of the moment.

Casa Decor 2022 – Tomás Alía – Photo: Nacho Uribesalazar

Of the 160 participating companies, 51% are Spanish brands, from 20 provinces, while foreign companies have a broad representation from Italy and Denmark, but also from Germany, Switzerland, the United States, Belgium, India, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, France, Mexico, United Kingdom or Norway.

Casa Decor 2022 – Miriam Alía – Photo: Nacho Uribesalazar

The trends of 2022

Year after year, Casa Decor is a showcase of the latest trends in interior design. Thus, this year we will find organic and natural environments, betting on mineral materials for wall coverings and furniture design, with metallic and copper finishes.

Casa Decor 2022 – Devesa & Agenjo – Photo: Lupe Clemente

Round shapes are present in walls with sinuous undulations, in walls without edges, semicircular arches, curved seats, circular tables or irregular ovals.

Casa Decor 2022 – Ana María Fernández – Photo: Luis Hevia

Natural and sintered stone continue to occupy a privileged place in this luxury aesthetic: onyx and alabaster gain positions, while Calacatta marble, with its dark veins on white canvas, is preferred for large surfaces.

Casa Decor 2022 – Andreína Raventós – Photo: Luis Hevia

Light wood is still a constant in current decorations, both in furniture and coatings. The wooden slats maintain their prominence and go up to the ceilings, while the floors of the building, made of Balsaín pine, recover their original state based on sandpaper and natural primers.

Casa Decor 2022 – U Interior Design – Photo: Lupe Clemente

More than ever, traditional materials, such as brick, clay or lime, share the limelight with terrazzo floors, ceramic objects, rope, leather or bamboo, endowing the interiors with great craftsmanship.

Casa Decor 2022 – Decor Studio – Photo: Nacho Uribesalazar

You have until May 22 to discover all the spaces projected by the best interior design firms of the moment and take note of everything that is going to take away this year. A real show for lovers of decoration.

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