Carlos Ríos has created a chocolate nougat & # 039; realfooder & # 039; super healthy (and delicious)

We have been on it for weeks and weeks. Our goal is to find nougat and healthy sweets to enjoy Christmas without giving up healthy food and 'realfooding'. Low-calorie chocolate nougat, healthy Christmas sweets … There are a thousand and one recipes to treat you on these special dates.

But Carlos Ríos has surprised us with a recipe from chocolate nougat 'realfooder', healthy and unprocessed, that promises to make us suck our fingers.

The copy explains the recipe perfectly:


-250 gr of chocolate (minimum 85% cocoa)

-2 tbsp coconut oil

-20 gr of whole toasted hazelnuts (without salt)

-30 gr chopped hazelnuts


-To start, we melt the chocolate with coconut oil. We can do it in a saucepan on the fire, in the water bath or in the microwave, stirring well with care so that it does not burn.

-Then we add the hazelnuts and mix.

-We pour the mixture in a rectangular mold and let it cool for at least one hour until it solidifies.

Easy, fast and delicious! If in addition to hazelnuts you want to do it with other nuts it will also look good. The best of all? You will stain very little, you will flee from the ultraprocessed ones and it is an idea that you can reproduce by bathing the nuts one by one to make snacks, with nuts it is delicious.

The possibilities are endless.

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