Can't you move from Saturday to the laces? Fruits that will help you recover

Quarantine has made you a pastry chef. But unfortunately not in runner. The Saturday you went outside to run with the best of your intentions. At seven in the morning you were already on the streets wearing a sports top and new leggings (here the most beautiful leggings that you will not want to take off) while breathing fresh air. And you ran into some other person who did not respect the safety distance, but that is another matter.

The question that concerns us at the moment, is not that (which also), if not painful stiffness that have established themselves in your body and that do not allow you to move or sit with dignity. Instead of starting with a walk and running on and off, you decided to take out all the heavy artillery at once, thinking that this would compensate for the weeks of sedentary lifestyle, but no. Wrong, very wrong: the last thing you should have done is run as if you were in the middle of a zombie hunt without a) having never run in the past, and b) after having given yourself to horizontal life (the life of the sofa, the better life) all the quarantine. Quiet, because it has happened to us too. And because the evil of one is the evil of all, we have selected the fruits that will help you fight stiffness. You just have to eat them after training and … voilà!

Goodbye to that unnecessary pain!

Citrus, your new best friends

The vitamin C Present in oranges, lemons and limes will help you better absorb iron, a fundamental process for proper muscle function. Pineapple is another fruit that you should take after training. In addition to being sweet and delicious, it is a food with many properties, beyond diuretics: it contains high glycemic index carbohydrates, with which you will recover quickly from physical effort. It also contains bromelain, a necima that helps digest proteins and is anti-inflammatory.

The banana of a lifetime, the best remedy

It has always been said that after training, the best thing you can do is eat a banana for laces. And it is true. This fruit so demonized for its high glucose content, will make you regain energy after playing sports, but above all, it will be potassium, an electrolyte mineral present in some foods that will help you with stiffness. Raisins are also a good food when it comes to training, as they improve performance. What you should never do is drink a glass of sugar water to recover from them after a great effort, since although glucose will give you a high, refined white sugar does not have any nutrients.

Cherries are also your allies when it comes to applying solutions to stiffness. This summer seasonal fruit is rich in antioxidants, a molecule that prevents oxidation and will help you recover from stiffness. Watermelon is a different and very healthy option to hydrate yourself after training, especially if you and the water don't get along very well.

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