Can't you lose weight? 5 key factors when losing weight

We have the bikini operation around the corner and surely you want to get rid of those extra kilos before the arrival of good weather. If you are not getting slim with a healthy diet, you have surely overlooked certain elements that you would have to take into account to wear palm this spring. Slim downIt's not always as easy as eating less and exercising more, there are certain factors that prevent you from losing weight faster And what do you have to know?

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Beverage calories count

Light sodas, packaged juices and smoothies, sugary coffees or sweeteners, canes, mojitos, cava or gin and tonics, they seem harmless because they don't chew but they add colors to your credit and not just a few. Avoid, or minimize. This type of drinks and if you have an event or stay with friends or co-workers, opt for sparkling water with a slice of lemon, infusions or, if you are not on a strict diet, a glass of red wine loaded with antioxidants.

The fat trap

Decades have been associated with fat accumulation for decades, a claim that has already been thrown by many scientists and nutrition experts. It is true that consuming excessively healthy fats will lead to an increase in daily caloric intake by what you should think about distributing these calories correctly and controlled instead of eliminating fats.

If you choose to take light products that have had a good part of the fat removed but to add flavor, sweeteners, sugar, sodium or chemical additives have been added, you will be eating worse and they will also make you hungry soon weather. Banish that concept of the light and begin to be aware of what to eat by choosing real food and a healthy and balanced diet and of course, do not forget to include healthy fats in your diet like avocado, nuts or EVOO but in a moderate way.

Eat out often

Not cooking at home is one of the main factors when it comes to not losing weight. If you eat too much away from home, just because they give you everything done and you can choose between different dishes, it will cost you more to lose weight for a matter of calorie intake. You probably order desserts and allow yourself many more treats than if you cook at home.

When cooking you can limit the calories in the dish and you will also know exactly what you are eating. If you have a split day, sign up for Batch Cooking or what is the same, cook one day of the week to eat healthy throughout the day and take your healthy tuppers to the office every day. Don't forget to bring healthy snacks to peck between meals! Pickles, a handful of nuts or fresh or dehydrated fruit are a great solution so as not to sin with unhealthy foods when hunger stalks.


No matter how much exercise you do and have a healthy diet if you live with the dreaded stress, you may not get the results you are looking for with your diet. Stress acts at the hormonal level releasing cortisol. What this hormone usually does is increase insulin levels. What does this mean? That you have uncontrollable hunger attacks or that you have an urgent need to eat, and also eat worse, because of anxiety. There is also a decrease in fat oxidation, a key mechanism for obtaining energy and therefore weight loss would be slowed down..

In these cases practicing meditation, yoga, activities that help you disconnect such as cooking, a good bath, painting, music … usually contribute to minimize stress and anxiety levels. Think positive and create those rituals that help you relax after an intense day of work.

Sleep and circadian cycles

We are overexposed to the screens of mobile devices and their artificial light. Although you may find it harmless a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop may be responsible for your weight gain, why? Because they inhibit the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) by not letting you rest properly, making sleep difficult or causing nighttime awakenings that make your rest not repairing. This also causes a mismatch in the production of the hormones of hunger and satiety, leptin and ghrelin, and will make you want to eat much more the next day Why don't you think your smartphone is so harmless?

To not alter circadian rhythms, and let your body secrete melatonin naturally, Turn off your electronic devices at least two hours before bedtime and lie down with the room in the dark and with a temperature not exceeding 21 degrees. A good rest will help you keep hormonal levels regulated and feel better and will no longer be a risk factor for increasing size.

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