Can't lose weight? These are the three main reasons

At present. Much of the world's population is hungry and the other half wants to lose weight, we are lucky to be part of the second group. Get the desired body It is a maxim that many people share, yet they are overwhelmed and frustrated by so many diet options that they never quite work. The keto, the intermittent breakfast, the paleo, the one that prevents you from eating the nights of the full moon … and in the meantime that belly that doesn't go down.

The despair in these cases is perfectly understood. You always try follow the advice, you swear that you will exercise and combine cardio and strength, which from now on you will eat healthy… and yet you fail. Is there something wrong with you? In reality, the reasons why you do not lose weight may be within your psyche more than you imagined, luckily you can combat that position in which you have decided to stay, comfortably. The doctor and nutrition expert, Michael Karsonsays that there is an object in the house that you should pay close attention to if you want lose weight. The fridge? Cold Cold. It's about the mirror.

1. What you hate from the mirror

Mirror, mirror, how do you look today when you look at your reflection? No need to be The step-mother of Blanca NievesBut it is true that the image you have of yourself will determine your possible weight loss. As Karson explains, when you perceive yourself negatively, it is quite likely that you will enter a self-destructive circle you don't want to change anything about.

You feel unappealing or even repulsive? Then you will have to work to become someone who is seen with affection. Of course, you also have to learn to accept those little flaws in yourself that you cannot change. There is a psychiatric illness known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder, by which the person tends to obsess over flaws that it perceives in its appearance. An example of this is the case of Hannah, who collects 'BBC': she is a completely normal-looking girl, who however can spend up to four hours putting on makeup so that others cannot perceive her supposed defects.

You will never try to change, because you detest yourself so much that in weight you find a perfect excuse to continue lacing yourself

"In my experience as a psychologist," Karson says in 'Psychology Today,' "most of the time people try to lose weight, the problem is not with the person in the mirror, but with the person looking at it. The 'observer' is full of hate, every defect is an excuse to lacerate. You will never try to change, because you detest yourself so much that in weight you find a perfect excuse to keep doing it. "Before you consider losing weight, you must first work on beginning to love yourself. Remember that if you are not happy with Your appearance you can always change it.

2. You don't accept your mistakes

Sometimes, the expert assures that the problem with our body can come from denial or flattery. Realism is essential to prepare you for future disappointments. "Trying to convince yourself of how handsome you are doesn't usually solve the problem," he says. "The 'body positive' or body positivity has more to do with accepting yourself than in making sure every day of your perfectionWhen you accept what is important to you, your positive side and also your failures, then you can work on changing what you do not like.

3. You think losing weight will make you happy

It is quite common to think that when we lose weight we will finally be happy and all our problems will disappear. Weight loss it will just make you look slimmer but the worries they will still be there, and if you don't accept yourself you will still not find happiness.

"If you want to lose weight, you have to take this into account," says the psychologist. "You should also understand that your body is physical and that, therefore, each cookie, each sweet that you take into account. Sometimes we think not will affect us or that calories they will not count on that occasion, but they will, there is no room for doubt, "he says.

In conclusion, if you really want to lose weight, you must learn to reconcile with your body and, in short, to get to know you, in order to start from scratch and understand what defects there are in you that you consider necessary to change.