Canelo Álvarez shares training exercises for his followers

Boxer Canelo Álvarez became the best in the world pound for pound. The Mexican champion shared secrets of the training that led him to success.

Last update: November 20, 2021

Saul Canelo Álvarez entered boxing history by defeating American Caleb Plant in Las Vegas on November 7. The Mexican gave classes on the ring and became the first undisputed super middleweight champion. His qualities in the ring are visible, but it is clear that to achieve his maximum performance he must follow a strict work routine. Learn about Canelo Álvarez’s training that allows him to reach the peak of his career.

Born in Jalisco, Guadalajara, on July 18, 1990, Álvarez is known worldwide as Canelo. The nickname, given by his first coach when he was 15 years old, has to do with the reddish color of his hair, similar to that of cinnamon. He now holds all four belts in the category and, at 31, has an enviable record of 57 wins (38 by knockout), 1 loss and 2 draws.

The tapatío is considered among the best boxers of all time, after having been consecrated in four categories of different weight.

This is Canelo Álvarez’s training routine

The super middleweight champion undergoes a strict training routine in order to exploit all his qualities above the ring. Wakes up early, works from Monday to Saturday in double shift and rest on Sundays.

Increasing strength, agility and endurance are your keys to facing combat. With an active profile on social networks, the fighter shares videos of the preparation exercises he carries out. Let’s see what a training day for Canelo Álvarez, the best boxer in the world today, is like.

Morning jog

A bit of running early is ideal to start the day. The muscles soften and the body fills with energy to cope with activities throughout the day. Canelo goes out for a jog at 6 am, half an hour each day, and is better prepared for the afternoon session.

Jogging sessions in the morning are the beginning to tackle a strenuous routine for the rest of the day.

2 and a half hours of training in the afternoon

The boxer’s routine is perfectly timed. Álvarez works out in the gym from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM. Three days a week, interspersed, the work is devoted to dynamic boxing exercises and the tactics to be used according to the rival on duty.

In the other three days, the activities have to do fully with the combat. These are some of the exercises that Canelo Álvarez performs to achieve agility, speed, an ideal body to resist the fight and, of course, the power of his fists!

  • ABS: strengthening the abdomen is essential to resist blows in an area prone to receiving them. Canelo performs them in the style of a bicycle, jack nife, hellish touches, plank and leg elevation.
  • Lizards with medicine ball: working on the ball gives you balance and stability.
  • Elastic band work: strengthen different muscles with a variety of exercises. They serve to achieve greater resistance.
  • Squats: performs them with kettlebells (kettlebell) to strengthen the legs and with bench support to work triceps. He also lifts more than 100 kilos on barbell exercise to improve posture, burn calories, and build muscle mass.

The combat training he put into practice against Plant

In the preview of the fight for the unification of the title, Canelo showed some movements and blows that he worked with his coach, Eddy Reynoso. Such activities were broadcast through the boxer’s official account on Instagram.

To the extent that couch He threw blows at him, the man from Jalisco dodged them with great skill. While the emphasis was first on defense, then roles changed and Canelo went on the attack.

The power of the fighter’s blows can be seen in the movement of his arms and the sound of the impact. Fortunately, the coach had training cushions to cushion the blows. Something Caleb Plant couldn’t use!

Diet and rest are essential

A good diet is very important for high competition physical performance. That is why Canelo complies with a strict diet that includes fish and vegetables.

Red meat was eliminated from the food plan of the Guadalajara, since in 2018 they played a trick on him. On that occasion, Álvarez tested positive for doping control for clenbuterol, a substance that Mexican farmers often introduce into livestock feed, because it helps reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

This is the current diet of the Mexican boxer:

  • Breakfast: eggs, ham and orange juice.
  • Lunch: chicken or fish (prefer salmon) and vegetables.
  • Dinner: eat fruits. His favorites are grapes and apples.

Rest is also one of the keys to achieving peak performance in training sessions, as well as in fights. Canelo usually takes short naps between the morning shift and afternoon activity.

He also rests on Sundays to recover from the exercises of the week. What’s more, emphasize that good sleep is enough to achieve recovery. Unlike other great elite athletes, Canelo prefers to put aside any type of special session to accelerate muscle recovery.

Adequate rest enhances muscle recovery. It is something that cannot be taken lightly in training routines.

Go ahead and train to the rhythm of salsa!

Getting to compete at the level of Canelo Álvarez requires a good share of natural talent and a lifetime of effort dedicated to training. Nevertheless, we can adapt the series and weights to our possibilities and encourage us to copy some of the exercises from your routine.

The practice of boxing is increasingly widespread thanks to the benefits it brings to the body and health in general, both for men and women. That is, we can carry out boxing training without getting into the ring.

On the other hand, despite the absolute concentration when training, Canelo also allows himself moments of relaxation and fun. This has been demonstrated by sharing videos in which he combines boxing movements and dance steps with salsa music.

What better than to exercise, feel better and have fun with a combination of exercises and good music! Sit Canelo in your own home and train to the rhythm of salsa.

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