Can you lose weight without starving? Yes, with the volumetric diet

Every book in which the Dr. Barbara Rolls explains the volumetric diet and its updates have been included in the list of the best sellers of the The New York Times for a decade, it is not surprising, therefore it is one of the diet-trends of 2020. Contrary to other diets, such as the one in the area, there is no famous face that speaks of the volumetric diet, but yes a lot of scientific literature behind … and what it promises is the golden dream of people who want to lose weight: lose a kilo a week without starving. How does the volumetric diet achieve this goal? The key word is density: the volumetric diet is based on choosing the right foods and putting within our reach more often those that are low in calories but able to satisfy us. With this two things are achieved, the first that we no longer have to worry about the size of the rations; The second, that there are no prohibited foods, you can eat anything as long as you don't skip it.

These are the favorite diets of the famous

What foods are allowed in the volumetric diet?

According to him Dr. Rolls, in order to lose weight you have to control your appetite and that can only be achieved … by eating. The question is what you eat when you eat, and there this specialist is clear: you must always choose the foods that provide less calories per gram, but at the same time they are able to satisfy us, for example, those that are rich in fiber and water, like fruits. The theory behind this diet states that eating mainly very low and low energy density foods, we can eat larger portions and that is tremendously satisfying.

What are low energy density foods?

Between list of those low or very low density foods are for example the broths chicken or meat with vegetables, vegetables like cucumber or celery, the tofu, skimmed dairy and fruits like apples or raspberries. In addition to eating low-density foods at each meal, you must use ingredients that enhance the feeling of satiety like lean meats rich in protein and whole grains. If you are willing to start cooking, learn the density of food and reinforce your diet with 30 minutes of daily exercise, this is undoubtedly a good option for losing weight.

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