Can you have an allergy sometimes and sometimes not?

In the world of allergies, everything is not as simple as having an arm test or a blood test and finding out what is the protein that is complicating our life as a runny nose, asthma or tearing Sometimes, our problem with tuna only manifests itself after having petted a cat or having given everything in a Crossfit class. That's when the allergistYou have to find out which of all the situations we are going through every day has caused the strange reaction that has ended with us visiting the emergency department. And the answer to the mystery of that strange allergy is usually allergy cofactors.

The equation is as follows: you are allergic to nuts or at seafood… but you do not know because the reactions to your allergen are usually so mild that you do not give importance until one day the salad with nuts that you have taken at noon coincides with a necessary buddy (the cofactor) and activate an exaggerated immune system response that can kill you in the hospital.

The cofactors they are all those agents (taking a medicine for the headache, exposing yourself to the hair of a specific animal, coming into contact with a material such as latex …) or situations (it's hot, the rule has gone down, you've done intense exercise …) that can trigger a allergic reaction that otherwise it would not occur or enhance an allergic reaction already present but that went unnoticed or was under control.

Intense physical exercise is one of the main allergy cofactors.

Fortunately, even in allergology consultations this is not a problem that is seen very often, but you should always suspect it before allergic reactions whose cause is not well clarified or if a reaction has been abnormally serious for the degree of sensitization of the person to an allergen.

The food allergies they are the most conducive to developing this complicated system of reactions and it is possible that a person is sensitized, for example, to pineapple, but that it can tolerate eating it occasionally in the absence of cofactors and, nevertheless, that he suffers a reaction generalized allergic (anaphylaxis) when you eat pineapple and then (sometimes, up to four hours later) matches a cofactor.

The cofactors The most common are physical exercise, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, going through a stressful situation, staying in hot environments or having a fever, drinking alcohol and hormonal changes (especially those prior to the arrival of the rule). Therefore, the list of those guilty of sometimes allergy and sometimes not, is long … but you are already advised.

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