Can you eat egg every day?

If you read us, you will know that we have become faithful followers of breakfast egg. Is Low in calories, makes us feel satiated all morning and the possibilities are endless. Grilled, scrambled, tortilla or cooked, you can vary to not get tired. But, Is it healthy to eat eggs every day?

Traditionally, excessive egg consumption has been associated with high cholesterol levels. The recommendation was in two or three eggs per week, limiting its consumption and making it impossible to eat this food every day. However, studies have evolved and there is no study that indicates that excessive egg consumption is bad for your health.


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Experts say that nothing happens to consume seven eggs a week, that is, one per day. Although not much larger quantities. According to 'Futurlife' nutritionists, and as stated in its platform, the egg is not the enemy of cholesterol. "Include 4 to 6 eggs a week in your diet (do not be afraid of cholesterol, there is no meta-analysis that links the eggs to LDL cholesterol rises), yes, choose them organic, or at least of country chickens." Although we talk about this high consumption when you take a balanced and nutritious diet. If eating eggs every day is going to stop taking other foods such as fish or vegetables, it would not be a good idea. Ideally, create a balance. The egg has cholesterol that is true, however, it also contains lectin, which inhibits its absorption, so the concern about whether its consumption causes health problems is not scientifically sustained.

What properties does the egg have?

The egg is rich in vitamin E, D and A. As well as folic acid, biotin, minierales and antioxidants, but especially choline that is involved in reducing cardiovascular risk. And its nutritional values? It has few calories, provides monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and Omega-3.

No doubt, put an egg in your day. We will take it tomorrow for breakfast.

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