Can we lose weight without exercising?

Every time you look in the mirror it's the same story … "I think I've gotten fat again!". You know you need to start eating better and combine your healthy diet with some sport … But you have a problem: you are aware that to achieve a lasting effect you will have to go to the gym and have a constant training routine and yet you hate exercise! (Here we leave you some tips to lose weight without doing sports). Let's be honest, when something doesn't amuse you, however dynamic and enjoyable it may be, it becomes a real nightmare.

For all those who do not enjoy between machines and weights, we have good news. Todd Parker, a physiologist and strength and conditioning specialist, says in the book "The sports nutrition guide" that "weight loss is generally 75-80% due to diet, and only between 20-25% to exercise. "So it really the decisive factor when it comes to losing weight is not sport, but a correct diet. Although we do not lose sight of the fact that to enhance the effect, improve health and maintain a completely healthy life Both actions must be combined: eating well and staying active.

However, to help you in your challenge we are going to propose these 5 tips that could help you lose weight without having to spend hours in the gym.

1. Increase the amount of your breakfast

Surely you have heard more than once the saying 'eat breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and dine like a beggar'. Well, adapting this to your diet will help in weight loss. Eating food first thing in the day activates our metabolism, so calories are burned quickly and accelerates the process of weight loss.

A good breakfast should be rich in proteins to help you control your appetite throughout the day, and so you can reduce the portions in the other meals.


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2. Water, your best ally

Increasing water consumption while following a balanced diet will aid in weight loss. Have a glass before and after eating, water has a satiating effect that will help you eat less and speed up your metabolism. In addition to making you lose weight on time, you will maintain it in the long term.

3. Control calories

Knowing how many calories you consume is a very effective way to control what we eat each day and will allow you to reach your desired weight goal. In addition, keeping track of the food we eat will help eliminate junk food from the diet. Yes, you also shouldn't go crazy counting calories. You know obsessing is never good.

4. get enough rest

Sleeping 7 to 8 hours is necessary for a healthy life. When we have not rested enough, our body automatically asks us for food to replenish energy. So if your goal is to lose weight make sure you get enough sleep to avoid binging in the fridge.

5. Walking is very important

We already said at the beginning that to obtain favorable results, enhance the effect and lead a completely healthy life, you must combine a balanced diet with exercise. Doing absolutely nothing sports and losing weight will make you lose muscle mass and as a consequence you will lose strength.

One fact that will interest you is that the World Health Organization recommends walking on average about two and a half hours a week. This will help 25% to weight loss. To make walking even more effective try varying the speed of the walk in 30 or 60 second intervals.

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