Can it be dangerous to sneeze many times?

Surely on more than one occasion you have been sneezing without stopping, to the point of getting tired, worrying and thinking that you would spend the rest of your life like this. It has happened to all of us once, so you are not alone, butit could really become dangerous to sneeze many times?

First of all it is important to know where that annoying sneeze comes from that makes our nose itch and give us goosebumps: A sneeze is a convulsive reflex act of expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and through the mouth. It is generally caused by foreign particles that cause irritation of the nasal mucosa, so we sneeze precisely to expel those particles from our body and the speed is impressive, sometimes it can be up to 60 kilometers per hour.

Some people don't sneeze very loudly, so they do it multiple times in a row to release what their body is trying to eliminate

In addition, you will have found on more than one occasion that it is impossible to keep our eyes open when we sneeze because the air goes from the lungs to the nose can increase eye pressure and displace them, so that instinct leads to closing the eyelids. We are now familiar with the act of placing the elbow when a coughing fit or a dreaded sneeze strikes, and this is because we suddenly cut off the transmission. If instead of that we put our hands to protect ourselves, germs stay in them and when we touch other objects (doorknobs, telephones …) we can infect other people.

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Once we know how sneezing works, the next question comes, can it be dangerous to sneeze a lot? "Basically, a sneeze is a way for your body to try to get rid of the garbage," says allergist Dawn Zacharias in 'Mel Magazine'. "But it's not foolproof and it doesn't always work, so you sneeze again. Over time, your nasal strength can deteriorate. Some people don't have very strong sneezes, which means they have to sneeze several times in a row to release whatever their body is trying to eliminate. But, in reality, it does not matter much, "he adds.

Sometimes the dry air or humidity in the environment is the culprit that you sneeze so much. A humidifier in these cases could be the key

Although it is not dangerous, it is certainly uncomfortable. Luckily, you can try to avoid it. For example, if it is due to some kind of allergy, avoiding exposing yourself to it. Sometimes the dry air or when there is a lot of humidity in the environment are the culprits that you sneeze so much, and a humidifier in these cases could be the key. Similarly, antihistamines can help you if the problem worsens.

As a curiosity, Donna Griffiths, from Worcestershire (England), entered the Records Guinness by sneeze for 978 days and in 2015 the little Katelyn Thornley also became famous, whose life became hell as she sneezed 20 times a minute for no apparent reason. Couldn't hold a conversation, eat or barely sleep due to this rare syndrome. As long as something similar doesn't happen to you with sneezing, you don't have to worry.