Butterfly cut or butterfly haircut: advantages and recommendations

A type of hair that is all the rage in all beauty salons: the butterfly cut. Let’s review what it is.

Last update: 03 October, 2022

The butterfly cut or butterfly haircut It is a trend in social networks, catwalks and hairdressers everywhere. That is why this time we will be talking about this type of haircut that is all the rage among celebrities.

With simple lines and waves that provide movement, little by little it has established itself as an excellent option for those who want long and short hair at the same time. Let’s go over what it is, how it’s achieved, and which faces it looks best on.

What is the butterfly haircut?

It is a haircut inspired by the 70s, since we already know that there are times that marked milestones in the history of fashion. It is a hair proposes a top layer of short hair, with other layers of longer hair that provide versatility and movement.

With a French style that offers elegance, it is a trend that is going strong for one main reason: it is perfect for those who want to make a change of lookbut without cutting the hair too much.

The butterfly cut consists of wearing shorter layers of hair on top and longer ones as we get closer to the back of the head. That is, at first glance it looks like a short mane, but in reality, there are layers that merge with the longer ones.

In general, it is appealed that the upper layer is separated or differentiated from the lower one, since in this way it will seem that you wear short hair. This is why it is highly sought after among those who want to give life and movement to their hair, but do not want to sacrifice the length of their hair.

On the other hand, it is a perfect cut for fine hair that does not achieve volume. The overlapping of layers favors a voluminous look in the hair.

Not all are encouraged to short hair or do not want to sacrifice their long hair. For them, one option is the butterfly cut.

Who is it recommended for?

The first thing we will mention is that it can be done on straight or slightly wavy hair and it is not recommended for curly hair, because the effect of the layers is not very flattering for the latter. Also, the cut it is ideal for hair that frames square or elongated faces, because it harmonizes the proportions of the factions and the final result is stupendous.

It is a cut that does not require too much care. It is easy to maintain. Worn loose or just with a casually placed ponytail.

Tips for a good butterfly haircut

Let us remember that the length of the layers must be able to be perfectly differentiated, to create the famous optical illusion of short but long hair. In this sense, the shortest layer should be located at the height of the jaw, while the longest should fall just below the shoulder.

As for the way to style a mane with a butterfly cut, the ideal is to make a part in the middle or just to the side. You can apply your usual styling cream to shape the waves. If you prefer an updo, leave the shorter strands of hair loose and only pin up the longer layers.

How to explain what you want to the stylist? As much as we talk about a professional stylist, it is best to explain that you are looking for a layered cut to add volume to your hair.

Also, mention that you want the smallest layer on top of your head and that you want to reach the height of the jaw. Remind her that the longest cape should reach your shoulders.

You can use the photo of the famous Hailee Steinfeld, on the cover of this article, as a reference.

With or without bangs? The theory is that yes, you should wear curtain bangs, but at jaw height. That is, it would be the first layer of hair.

When you go to the stylist, mention that you want two types of layers: a short front and a longer back.

The butterfly haircut is a trend that works

If you are one of the people who do not dare to change look radicals, we think this haircut is ideal for you. You will notice a change, but you will still have a hair length very similar to the one you had.

If you want, you can complement the cut with highlights in a couple of lighter tones than your hair In this way, you will achieve look plus chic and unrestrained.

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