Burpees for beginners: how to do them well (without dying trying) and burn fat

It’s hearing the word “burpees” and a tremor throughout the room. Well, it’s not that bad either. The truth is that burpees are one of the best exercises to tone your entire body. Doing these dreaded and beloved burpees will allow you to burn calories, eliminate fat and activate metabolism. Of course, you have alternative exercises to burpees… but they are not the same. If you’re beginner and you want to enter their world, here you have all the secrets.

The burpee movement requires you to work your core, upper body and your lower body. All at the same time while doing it at breakneck speed to increase your heart rate. It is true that it can be exhausting, but one of the keys is to face it with the right mindset: why not think that you are doing four exercises at once? A simple trick that will help you improve yourself, start burning fat immediately and promote a flat stomach.

The burpees and the jump

The burpee begins and ends with a strong jump. This means that you must keep the head in line with heels and bend knees as you go down for a breath of air. Then she jumps into the sky and gently descends, landing in a crouch. You will also do another jump after the push-up portion of the movement. This time you will simply jump with your feet to the outside of your hands so that your knees are over your toes and then jump straight up into the sky the same way you did the first time.

the squat

After the jump, it’s time for the squat. To do the move correctly, focus on keeping head in line with coccyxpush your knees out and drop your buttocks toward the floor while keeping the chest up looking straight ahead, not at the ground.

The iron

Starts the core work, which for many is the most suffered. Place your hands on the floor in front of you with your knees further than normal alignment with your elbows would suggest, which will help you extend your feet behind you. Keep your back straight and kick your feet back. Once you’re in position, be sure to keep your shoulders in line with wrists and contract your core and glutes to create a straight line from the top of your head to your heels.


It is the last of the movements. keep your body straight and bend your elbows to lower it. Then straighten them to push yourself up. Regain the position, give the final jump and you are ready to start again. Remember: do everything at your own pace, without setting yourself ambitious or very demanding challenges at the beginning. Very soon you will notice progress until you become a burpee woman!