Burnout syndrome: symptoms of this emotional disorder that affects health

Burnout syndrome is an emotional disorder caused by job stress. Although the most common symptoms are depression and anxiety, it affects physical health in other ways as well.

Burnout what is it?

He burnout or burnout worker syndrome, is a type of emotional disorder that is related to work stress. It manifests as a Physical, emotional and mental exhaustion and its causes originate in the type of work and lifestyle.

This disease, also known as "burnout syndrome" appears when the person fails to adapt to work situations of sustained stress.

In most cases it occurs in people who have "vocational" professions such as those related to medicine and education. This is because some of its causes have to do with low pay, long hours and a high level of responsibility. That is, in jobs with idealistic aspirations, but where there is a mismatch between those expectations and resources.

But there are also other causes that affect all professions. Some are a lack of motivation, a bad work environment, poor communication with the team or a high exposure to public attention.

Stress is one of the most common causes that affect the immune system.

Burnout and work stress

It is common that, in situations such as the current coid-19 pandemic, which led many people to carry out their work from home, frustration or the feeling of being "melted" appears.

The truth is that with this new way of working, control of schedules and the separation between work and personal life have been blurred. For many workers it is no longer possible not to take work home.

Therefore, to avoid disorders like this, it is important to apply some techniques or tricks so that the home office has its space. Issues such as being methodical and organized, setting schedules and creating a comfortable place dedicated to work are some of them.

To give an example, creating a comfortable and specific space to work teaches the mind to understand that it is in the working hours, as well as changing clothes or having objects to organize the desk.

Burnout and work stress they go hand in hand, the first is a consequence of large doses of the second. While all these tips can help us avoid reaching that state, they are not the "cure" but the prevention of this disease.


If you got this far, you will wonder how you know if you are suffering from burnout or burnout worker syndrome. There are some symptoms that stand out in particular.

Work begins to affect life in general and the tiredness or emotional exhaustion. The person becomes irritable and dissatisfied in all areas of his life. A disproportionate loss of energy appears in relation to the work actually done.

Another great symptom is depersonalization. People begin to show a kind of hyperactivity as a way to hide frustration and hopelessness. This increases their feelings of exhaustion, hostility, and depression.

You can also carry lack of personal fulfillment, which is manifested in the progressive abandonment of enjoyment activities not linked to work stress that led to this situation. Thus he ends up withdrawing from social, family and recreational activities.

Between the physical symptoms, there are headaches and body aches of unexplained origin, skin alterations, eating disorders, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems, among others.


To know how to cure the burnout syndrome, The most important is detect it in time.

Go to a specialized professional when these symptoms begin to be seen is of utmost importance, since the burnout it can unleash many dangers. From more serious pathologies such as depression, anxiety and conditions that require complex psychiatric treatment, to the "uncovering" of physical pathologies that were in their antecedents.

Start a adequate psychological treatment it is the first step to be better. It can also be complemented with meditation and relaxation techniques, as well as stretching and exercises.

Also begin to migrate to a healthier lifestyle avoiding tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption and getting a good night's sleep. Learning to give yourself personal space and enjoyment activities, as well as looking for or rediscovering those activities that bring us closer to personal fulfillment, is ideal.

Who knows, along the way we can discover a new profession or lifestyle that makes us happy and we did not take it into account.

After all, burnout syndrome appears when we divert our focus from what matters most, our own life.

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