Bunk beds, nest, Montessori… The best beds for your children according to their age (and how to choose them to make the bedroom look bigger)

do When to move babies from cradle to bed? This apparently simple evolutionary change is, without a doubt, one of the great moments for parents and children in the early years. There is no specific age nor correct to take the step, because it will depend on the rhythm and development of the boy or girl, the needs of the family and how the little one feels in his crib (if he rests well or not, if it is too small, if he starts to climb too far up the bars and becomes a hazard). But we are not here to give advice on parenting but to talk about decoration, so let’s go to what interests us here: what type of bed to choose for the little ones in the house when it’s time to leave the crib?

The first thing we must consider is what we need. Choosing the perfect bed for our children depends, on the one hand, on your age and rate of maturation, the space we have (the size of the room, if you share it with a little brother or if it is individual), the functionality and, above all, the how to adapt to growth and special needs of babies (and not so babies).

Montessori beds for babies. / pinterest

What types of children’s beds exist

In general, when choosing a children’s bed we must avoid sharp corners and edges that can harm our baby (better, always rounded and not sharp), that are not very high and have some type of railing or safety barrier to prevent fallsthat if it has bars, these are as close together as possible so that you cannot put your head in and it stays embedded, that there are no spaces between the bed frame and the mattress where legs, feet, arms or hands can get trapped , and that the mattress is firm and guarantees a healthy rest for the kids.

· Montessori beds, greater safety for the little ones

Following the philosophy of Maria Montessori and her famous method, what is sought is to give greater autonomy to children from a very young age, but without losing sight of safety at any point. That’s why the montessori beds are a type of solution in which the mattress is at ground levelso that children have freedom of movement, they can go up and down on their own whenever they want, but no danger of falling. In addition, they usually incorporate barriers so that, once asleep, if they move, they do not run the risk of ending up on the ground.

Very fashionable in recent years, there are ideal designs in the shape of a tipi, a house, a boat… and also a different sizes (even with the measurements of a crib), but if you want to enjoy it for years, it is best that you choose one that adapts to its growth milestones.

· Bunk beds for siblings sharing a room

If your children are going to share a room, bunk beds are a perfect solution to save space (the vertical space is occupied and space is gained for a play area or study) and, in addition, to promote the link between them. The age of the children will be key, because if they are very young it is not entirely certain that they will sleep in the upper bed (risk of falling, going up and down the stairs…), so it is best that the oldest is in the upper part, and the smallest, in the lower bed, which can even be a Montessori type.

Newport bunk bed from Maisons du Monde (579 euros). / Maisons du monde

Another very practical option to gain space in the bedroom and make it appear larger is to bet on a raised bed: the bed is located upstairs and is accessed by stairs, as in a bunk bed, and in the lower part, instead of having a second bed, there is a space where you can place the desk, a bookcase, an area of games or a small sofa for your moments of reading or relaxation.

The IKEA AKURA bed (199 euros) allows us to have a bunk bed and a high bed at the same time, according to our needs. / IKEA

· Trundle beds to gain space in the room

Trundle beds are one of the most used solutions for children’s rooms: they have everything we need from a traditional bed (choose them better from an age at which your children are not at risk of falling by accident) and, at the same time, , they make it possible for us to have two rest spaces whenever we need it (for example, if a friend of our children stays over or we have some type of visitor) without losing space in the bedroom.

SKLUM nest bed (229 euros). / sklum

· Beds with storage drawers

As we have already seen on several occasions, gaining space in the different rooms of our home happens, to a large extent, by making good use of the storage areas. One of the best? The lower part of the beds. For this reason, in the children’s room we can also bet on beds with drawers that allow us to store clothes, toys, blankets and textiles without having to use cabinets or other furniture that take up more space in the bedroom.

Bed with Amazon storage (155.99 euros). / amazon

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