Bundt cake, the spectacular sponge cake that will become your new favorite dessert or your ideal companion for coffee

We have nothing against the traditional lemon yogurt cake, nor the proposals of the perfect influencers to give you a tribute, the new formats that take away your craving for cake or the recipes that make your breakfast and snack ready. But if you really want to enjoy a good cake that becomes in your new favorite dessert or your ideal coffee companionyou have to try the bundt cake.

Inspired by the Gugelhupf, a traditional cake of central European origins, its popularization began in the United States, between the 50s and 60s. It was then that the manufacturer of kitchen utensils Nordic Ware registered the name by which we know it and began to market the cast aluminum molds that give it its beautiful appearance and that for many are an object of desire.

Christmas bundt. UNSPLASH

Shaped like a ring or crown, it has a central hollow tube that helps distribute the oven air for even cooking. The large number of molds that have been commercialized in the last 60 years make possible a great variety of drawings and motifs that turn them into authentic works of art. And if we don’t have enough, they also exist in mini format, which make them even more palatable.

Although at first glance the bundt can be considered similar to a conventional sponge cake, its main attraction when consuming it is that its crumb is tighter, less airy, but at the same time juicier and tastier than with any other type of recipe. And in addition to its interior charm, we can consume it as it comes out of the oven, after due rest, or embellishing it and completing it with a glaze, a cream of the flavor that best completes it, with the always-helpful icing sugar or liquid chocolate.

Minibundts with frosting. DANI REDINA / UNSPLASH

As in many pastry creations, among the basic ingredients of bundt are butter, sugar or eggs. Subsequently, a dairy part is added, either yogurt, milk, buttermilk or cream, and the flour, which must be previously sifted together with the bicarbonate or yeast and salt. So that the initial mixture does not suffer, it will be necessary to add the dry and wet ingredients alternately, always finishing with the flour.

As for the flavor of the bundt, everything is in the hands of your imagination and what your stomach asks of you. These colorful cakes are already at the level of other sweet creations and we can season it with the flavor that we like the most or we want.. From dulce de leche to lotus cookies, through more traditional flavors such as those provided by nuts or fruits, the possibilities of these cakes are as many as the molds in which you can cook them.

If you don’t know where to start, on Instagram you can find various accounts that provide you with the recipe you are looking for. But as in everything, in the bundt there are also specialists, such as I love bundt cakes that every week, both on the social network and on its website, it proposes to its followers various recipes with which to delight your guests. In them, of course, the measures are adapted to our country, something that is welcome in a universe in which the tradition of the American bundts may seem tempting, but which entails the hassle of translating the recipe linguistically and proportionally.

Once we have chosen the composition that we want to carry out, it only remains to find the necessary tools. The one that may be missing in our kitchen is the most important, the mold, which gives it shape and takes care of a correct cooking. If we do not dare to take the step with the Nordic Ware, although the investment will be worth it, we can find in any specialized store or in the household goods section of our favorite department stores a ring mold with which to start. But be warned, once you enter the universe of the bundt you will not be able to stop.

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