Bridgerton-Style Victorian Decor Hits Pinterest: Here’s How You Can Recreate It

The Bridgertons It has become the most watched series in Netflix history. With its success, it has brought the victorian styleboth in fashion, inspiring the collections of our favorite stores, as well as in gastronomy and, above all, in decor. One of the proofs is the increase in searches that it has suffered pinterest in relation to the Victorian Bridgerton-style decoration, even multiplying by ten on some occasions. maybe it’s a little exaggerated want to fully copy the decoration of the series, but we can choose details to incorporate into our home and create that atmosphere luxurious and exuberant. How? Knowing your ground rules. Here they go:

Give wallpaper a try

If the Victorian style is characterized by something, it is by the richness. That is, it has to be luxurious, or at least look like it. Therefore, opt for wallpaper models glamorouswith large prints floral ornate, or motifs of birds and animals. If you want something less flashy and combinable, choose romantic solid colors, such as Sky Blue.


Forget the sofa and choose a chaise longue

These secondary seats cannot be missing in your living room, or even your bedroom. If you don’t want to replace your sofa with one of these pieces, you can always use it for your Reading corner. Choose a model of velvet or quilted (or combine both). It is the best option to sit down to tea on your china with your little finger up.

porcelain tableware

Another great classic. Duralex ones last longer, and ceramic or hand-painted ones are cute, but if you want to be very Bridgerton you have to choose the typical porcelain models with floral design with gold edge.

Moldings and chandeliers

The moldings on the ceiling are a symbol of elegance and luxury. You can modernize them a bit, choosing a plain model, or wrap the blanket around your head and throw it down the victorian excess and opt for the most ornate types. Even paint them gold! And if you want to be the most of the most, replace your typical IKEA ceiling lamp with one of Spiderwith its crystals and its millions of small bulbs emulating candles.


A garden at home

The beautiful gardens of the series pass into the interior of our houses in the form of flower arrangements of romantic inspiration in porcelain vases. In your windows opt for hanging flowers, such as bougainvillea.

Mirrors and gilt chandeliers

Gold is one of the main colors of the Victorian style. look for a style vintagewith an overloaded style, so that it seems that you have returned to the 19th century.

curtains with presence

The curtains should always be present, but flee from the lighter and more transparent designs to choose the most long and elegant and, if possible, with gold tiebacks. You can try with materials like silk, velvet or chintz. And for prints, go for what floralone of the key elements of this decoration.

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