Breastfeeding Week: why is the key to not getting sick?

The World Health Organization recommends the breastmilk as the best food for the baby during its first 6 months of life. They even advise that the mother continue to breastfeed the child along with adequate food for their age until 2 years of age.

Not only is it more complete food that the mother can give her child, but also It is highly beneficial for both the baby and the mother for its properties.

> Breast milk is the most complete food par excellence

Studies show that breast milk ensures optimal psychological, nutritional, hormonal and immune development, since It contains more than 370 specific components and nutrients that help not to get diseases or infections such as: sudden death syndrome, childhood obesity, diabetes, digestive problems, cognitive deficiency, cancer, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

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Healthy children, happy children

Breast milk is safe and hygienic, has the right temperature and is digested more easily than any other milk or food. Specialists agree that Breastfeeding is one of the greatest acts of love between mother and son and one more way to continue the close bond created during the nine months of gestation.


One of the most important antibodies is immunoglobulin A, which is synthesized and stored in the chest. Its function is to cover the mucous surfaces of the baby's digestive system to prevent the entry of pathogenic bacteria and enteroviruses. It also provides protection against escherichia coli, salmonella, streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, poliovirus and rotavirus.

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According to a report from the Argentine Society of Pediatrics, breastfeeding reduces the risk of hospitalization and death from respiratory diseases by 50%. And in relation to allergic diseases, a preventive effect has been shown in the development of eczema, conjunctivitis, and rhinitis.

Breastfeeding, in addition to the benefits related to the promotion of the mother-child bond and the interaction between the two It is the most effective, natural, simple, and economical form of disease prevention and reduction.

Benefits of breastfeeding for society

Breast milk is not only beneficial for the baby and the mother, it is also useful for society in general.

The milk produced by the mother does not need any process of elaboration, packaging, or transport. There is no energy expenditure and there is no manufacturing process that is polluting for the environment. Breastfeeding is therefore ecological.

It is even economically advantageous for the family, which does not have to invest a large amount of money a year in artificial milk, bottles, bottle warmers, special cleaners or the energy needed to sterilize all the baby's material.

The savings can be extrapolated to society that will have less public health expenses since babies breastfed by their mothers go less to the pediatrician's office because they suffer from less illness.

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