Breast cancer overtakes lung cancer as the most common variant of the disease

The World Health Organization (WHO) has given this news. It happens that the breast cancer overtakes lung cancer as the most common variant of the disease. Recent statistics indicate this.

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Lung cancer had been the most common in the last two decades

The first two decades of the 21st century showed that lung carcinomas were the most common in oncology. However, this circumstance has changed and it is now the breast cancer the one that occupies the first seats.

Another negative data is added: it is the cancer that causes the most deaths worldwide. Therefore, the female population is greatly affected by this circumstance. This is how a call is made to prevent this disease.

More than ever, the touch in the breasts to treat this ailment in time. Likewise, every February 4 the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer is celebrated, a day to remember the dangers of this disease.


Many women do not realize this problem until it is too late. Therefore, it is necessary to disclose the breast cancer symptoms. We indicate them in the following list:

Appearance of a lump in the breasts or armpits.

Swelling and redness of the breast.

Sinking of the nipple and a lot of burning in the affected area.

Nipple discharge, which can be purulent or bloody.

Breast size changes.

As can be seen, they are problems that do not go unnoticed. The point is that at the beginning they are mild, so they are not paid attention. Therefore, screening for early diagnosis is always recommended.

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What to do to avoid this cancer and prevent it?

The Self-exam of the breasts is the most recommended. That way, women can tell if they have a problem. It must be taken into account that these carcinomas metastasize, complicating the situation.

There are many treatments thought to treat breast cancer in the future. However, they are still in the investigation phase. For now, the chemotherapy and removal of the affected area are the most common treatments in these cases.

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Can we overcome this cancer? The best thing is to prevent it, taking care of it in time is the way to control it. The early diagnosis prevents metastasis, which causes other parts of the body to be affected.