Boy was consoled by his older sister on chemotherapy, overcame leukemia

One boy overcame leukemia and was able to go back to school. In the company of his sister, who was comforting and supporting him, he spent his chemotherapy time.

Last update: October 14, 2021

The image of a boy with his sister went around the world. In the photograph it was possible to observe how the little girl attended and comforting his brother while he was receiving chemotherapy. Thanks to this, the young man overcame leukemia.

According to the children’s mother, her daughter was trying to give her brother as much support as she could while he was battling leukemia. The parent commented:

We are seeing more of a normal child (…) It’s really cool. Your confidence has increased.

When you have a son with a really serious illness, the family goes through very difficult situations. Within these circumstances are many complicated treatments and the fear of knowing what is going to happen.

Mother shares photos of her son who overcame leukemia

According to this, a few days ago the story of a mother who shared some photographs was known. In the images, her young son could be seen receiving chemotherapy treatment to cure his leukemia. The most surprising thing about the postcards is his older sister giving him support and assistance.

The boy is known as Beckett, who overcame leukemia after being diagnosed with ‘lymphoblastic leukemia’. His diagnosis began in 2018, when he was only 2 years old. From that moment until now, he has fought the disease, in the company of his sister Aubrey and his mother Kaitlin Burge.

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Going through difficult days, where he tried to get out of the situation, without seeing his family and friends, was not easy. As well as having enough strength to resist the effects of chemotherapy. However, its history has completely changed, where hopes are the most prevalent.

Doctors gave the boy the go-ahead

It was like this, according to information offered by Daily Mail, where the mother announced that the doctors had given the baby the go-ahead. Along with this, they gave him a certificate of good health.

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The certificate indicates that the youth no longer need to be hospitalized. They also informed him that he could now return to his school. According to the mother, the brothers created a very special bond, which was vital for Beckett to recover and not be discouraged.

They developed a bond that only siblings have that I couldn’t even replace.

Beckett can go back to school now

Now that the boy has overcome leukemia, will be able to return to classes and have a meeting with all his companions. The emotion of the little one is incredible, after having spent a long time without being able to attend.

Additionally, Beckett commented that she was feeling much better and was regaining the energy that she used to have before. On the other hand, he was able to solve the problems of studies that he had at the time of going through chemotherapy. The mother stated that:

My brain was very confused and I didn’t understand anything (…) Now, it’s something interesting to see. The other day we were sitting at the table and he was reading.

On the other hand, the infant has managed to regain his security, following his life as a normal person. His mother explained that now they see a more normal child and that is incredible, since has managed to increase your confidence.

Although he still has pain in his legs, a product of the effects of chemotherapy, the boy plays with his sister every day. He does it like he used to before. Kaitlin expressed:

Now they can play like normal brothers (…) They are outside playing together and being children.

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