Botanical paintings, the viral decoration trend that will fill your wall with retro nature

The pictures of botanical theme have become the viral deco trend of the season. The reason is that they allow you to connect with nature without leaving home. To give a more elegant touch to the walls, it is best to bet on the retro or vintage style. Luckily, we have found a collection that is perfect for this. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also handcrafted.

We refer to Vintage Nature, from the Spanish firm Drimdeco by Cuadriman. The collection is made up of a wide variety of prints with a very elegant style. They come in various styles and in different shades. In addition to botanicals (trees, flowers and plants), you will also find birds, shells and fish.

All designs are available in six different sizes and you can choose between various finishes: foil, frame or frames in different colors (white, black, wood …). Depending on which options you choose, the prices range between € 15 and € 70.

All the designs in the Vintage Nature collection are available in six different sizes

These paintings are used to decorate any room, from the bedroom to the living room. You just have to combine them in the way that best suits the style of your home. If you are looking a decoration full of color, we recommend creating a composition with your favorite prints. A selection of three or four tropical plants is a good option. Another possibility is to combine plants and animals.

The result will be sublime if you choose one or two paintings to give a special touch to a more serene environment. In this case, flowers such as magnolia or plumaria are what you are looking for. However, the palm tree can also be a good bet.

The set of six WingFly posters costs € 14.39 / Amazon

In Amazon you will also find several options of a similar style. One of our favorites is the WingFly brand. This is a set of six canvas posters with a green leaf design. It costs € 14.39.

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