Bones, protein, menopause, and other reasons you need to take supplements

In the same way that there are supplements that you need if you train, there are others that you must take simply because the passage of the years makes you require certain nutrients. There are supplements for the brain, there are supplements for the immune system or even specific day-to-day boosters. All types. There are many reasons why you may need to take supplements, especially when you notice weakness in your body despite maintaining a diet that has always been good for you so far.

Earning years is a process accompanied by changes in many aspects of health. Not only can it affect the way you look and feel, but it can also influence the n specific nutrients and the amounts your body needs. And you must be vigilant because it is not always easy to detect these deficits.

The need for nutrients

Your body goes through various changes as the years go by, many of which can alter your nutritional needs and increase your risk of deficiencies. For instance, your stomach produces less acid, which can reduce the absorption of micronutrients such as vitamins B6 and B12, iron and calcium. For this reason, adults over the age of 50 may need to consume more of these nutrients.

On the other hand, many older people also experience reductions in bone mass and greater weakness in the bones, which is why calcium and vitamin D reinforcements are usually required over 70 years. And it may also happen that at those ages it is necessary to consume large amounts of protein to help prevent age-related muscle loss. Many reasons …


Hormonal changes often generate new needs. For example, postmenopausal women need less iron because they lose less blood once they stop having regular periods. But in return they may miss reinforcements from melatonin to improve the quality of sleep or antioxidants like vitamin E. And because many people experience a decreased appetite As they age, meeting all nutritional needs becomes imperative. This is another reason why many people turn to supplements.

Who needs to take supplements?

Obviously, not everyone needs supplements. In fact, there are people who can meet their nutritional needs simply by wearing a healthy life style with a balanced and nutritious diet. But also people with certain dietary restrictions (certain diseases, vegans, food intolerant, etc.) may need specific supplementation.

While supplements are not necessary for everyone, they can be helpful for older adults who have difficulty meeting their nutritional needs through diet alone. Some products can cause interactions with medications or provoke e secondary effects serious in people with certain health conditions. Therefore, it is always essential to go to a specialized opinion and professional.

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