Bolivia's traditional doctors are trained in the use of medicinal plants against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise. We have been able to realize our weaknesses and the dangers to which we are exposed. The emergence of this new virus has forced us to confine ourselves and separate ourselves from each other, something that has been very hard.

However, it does not mean that we are going to stand idly by. In a short time, many have been scientists who have turned to the fight against COVID-19 from different sides: vaccines, prevention, treatment and more.

From Bolivia, in the town of Tarija, they have redoubled efforts to defend the population from this virus from the traditional medicine and medicinal plants.

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A traditional alternative against COVID-19

Departmental Health Service (SEDES) of Bolivia, the representative of traditional medicine Freddy Ayala has drawn attention in relation to the efficacy of certain medicinal herbs traditionally used to combat the effects of COVID-19. Some of these herbs are: eucalyptus, huira huira, matico, garlic, onion and ginger; tools provided by nature itself.

In favor of patients infected by COVID-19, the traditional doctors of the territory have carried out trainings to deal with the virus from these medicinal herbs, which have been used for centuries to treat hundreds of conditions. Among some techniques that these doctors have strengthened are:

  • Natural therapies
  • Massages
  • Expectorations
  • Vaporizations
  • Gargle

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Efforts have been redoubled in anticipation of a second wave of infections; especially considering that these types of treatments were very efficient during the arrival of this virus in Bolivia. The current objective is to achieve greater immunity for the population.

As Ayala points out, in the town of Tarija, there is a great wealth of medicinal herbs that can be of help to counteract the effects of the pandemic; at least 3000 species. Likewise, it points out that among the most outstanding advantages of using this type of alternative, it stands out has no side effects in patients, so it can only benefit them.

Proposals from other borders

This> mugwort-based medicine, a plant that is used to treat malaria.

The claim has not been dismissed, on the contrary; WHO has approved the study of the effects of this type of treatment and have found that it is extremely effective, so it supports its use.

Also from the India, the use of a diversity of medicinal plants typical of their traditional medicine has been proposed and which have yielded beneficial results for patients.

Although there is not enough evidence yet to prove that medicinal plants can offer a cure for COVID-19, something that is not in doubt is that many of these plants have the ability to strengthen the immune system, which is of great help to combat the effects of the virus.

And you, what do you think of this treatment against Covid-19?