Blood polka dots: should you worry?

Blood spots or red spots can be spots or reliefs on the skin that appear anywhere on the body, however, are more frequent in the torso, arms, legs and shoulders.

Some people have had these spots all their lives, so they do not care about them. However, you should know that they may be associated with some health problems.

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¿Qwhat are they?

They are also known as senile angiomas, nevus rufus or Campbell Morgan spots, they are more common in people 30 years and older.

They are usually red, usually bright, and have a circular or oval shape. They are almost always small and soft.

Possible causes

– Signs of age

– Prolonged sun exposure

– Alterations in liver function

– May appear during pregnancy

– Excess of toxins in the body

– Bad nutrition

– Family heritage

– Hormonal imbalances

– Alteration in blood vessels

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¿What to do when they appear?

Some experts recommend that you perform a diagnosis of insulin resistance. This is because there are people who, when undergoing rigid diets, may have problems with low testosterone. For women, there may be hypothyroidism.

This is determined by blood tests and the results can indicate if it is the reason why more red spots are coming out.

Like the other moles, they can be a sign of age and usually do not represent danger. However, you have to pay attention if they change their shape, size or texture. In that case, you should see a dermatologist to do the relevant exams.

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