Birch water, all about fashion slimming drink

Superfoods, slimming drinks, detox smoothies … healthy eating is in vogue and the tricks to lose weight on the agenda. Birch water is an ancient ingredient that has been considered effective in losing weight for years in the Nordic countries. Take note of what birch water is and how it can help you lose weight.


What is birch water?

Birch water is extracted directly from the birch tree, with great precision and at the right time not to damage the tree. Composed of birch sap, the water that flows from the tree is rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is low in sugar, or a low glycemic index, so it helps regulate blood glucose levels, preventing insulin spikes and preventing the accumulation of fat in the body.



It has been compared a lot with coconut water and has a great nutritional value since it is a drink loaded with amino acids, enzymes, proteins and electrolytes. Birch water can be taken even fermented so that the body benefits from its healthy probiotics that take care of the health of the intestinal microbiota and favor weight control.

An anti-aging drink that fights cellulite

Healing properties are attributed and It is widely used to treat cellulite, drain excess fluids and eliminate toxins. This detox effect is what has earned him the reputation of slimming drink in Europe and the US, and it is not for less.


It has powerful antioxidants, including resveratrol, and these fight the damage caused by free radicals responsible for premature cell aging, so, In addition to helping you lose weight, birch water promotes longevity and youth.

Birch water is diuretic, improves urine infections, helps control cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system. As well It is used as a cure in case of colds, headaches and skin disorders Like eczema An all-terrain therapeutic drink!

Birch water


Birch sugar or xylitol

Unlike coconut water, birch water contains xylitol or birch sugar, a natural sweetener that has 40% less calories than sugar and that has antiseptic properties.

Xylitol is often used as a sugar substitute and as an antiseptic it is not uncommon to find it in the list of sugar-free gum and candy ingredients or in toothpastes and mouthwashes. An excess of xylitol can cause alterations in the intestinal flora so do not go over with this natural sweetener And, if you do, take probiotics to help your microbiota regulate.


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Birch water It is an ancestral ingredient that has become much more than a fadEven in addition to bottling to consume in the form of water or juice, it can already be found as an ingredient in some anti-aging cosmetic products for its rejuvenating properties. What are you waiting for to try the "super drink" of the moment?

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