Bionergetic exercises that you can do at home when you are angry or in a bad mood

Bioenergetics is a discipline that seeks to integrate the physical body and emotions, so that energy circulates without blockages. In practice it can help to diminish suffering, increase pleasure, release energy expended, stress and stress, reactivate the internal force and favor the energetic flow.

If there is something central to the practice of bioenergetics, it is vibration. Emotions that can not be expressed are stagnant and cause muscle stiffness and tension. When shaking we shake off that excess energy that is loaded into the body and we release all the routes through which our vital energy circulates.

Tremble is linked to the limbic system, where there is no voluntary control: it is pure liberation that connects us with our interior and with the present moment. What is beyond what we want to control? What we feel? What do we need? What excites us?

If you have had a bad day, are angry or in a bad mood, try one of these bioenergetic exercises; they will help you to download that energy so that you feel lighter and you can decompress the emotions.

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Lie down on the bed, extend your legs and, without bending your knees, kick rhythmically, hitting with your heel and calf. Start gently and, if you feel it, you can increase the strength and speed; or intensify it by saying "no" at the same time you kick.


To do this exercise, it is first important that you know the most basic of all: rooting.

Stand up, spread the legs to the width of your hips with fingers slightly turned inwards. Lean to the floor with your hands, leaving your knees slightly bent. Try to relax your head and breathe through your mouth. Move the weight of your body towards the toes of your feet, lifting your heels a little. Support and stretch the knees, without locking them from behind.

Now, to make the bow, separate the legs a little more than the width of your hips, with the toes facing inwards as well. Place your wrists in the lower back, with the knuckles pointing upwards. Flex your knees and arch back slightly, relaxing your head.

By the position, you will feel a tremor in the body when doing these exercises, as when you are badly supported. Let that vibration be accentuated little by little. If when you breathe you do it with sound, you will perceive that vibration with your own voice.


If you are angry or have a bad day, you can release those tensions by hitting on a cushion as you can see in the next video. Remember: the intention is to release the emotions.

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