Bioenergetic psychotherapy: what is it and how should we apply it?

It is possible to take advantage of the use of bioenergetic psychotherapy to complement the effects of other methods, in order to combat various health problems. For this reason, it is very useful to know what it is and how to apply the therapy.

What is bioenergetic psychotherapy all about?

The bioenergetic psychotherapy it is part of what is known as alternative therapies. This being a psychotherapeutic method, in which it is followed that many of the diseases arise from the combination of energetic, physical and mental factors. According to its fundamentals, healthy human beings are those who have a vital force that circulates optimally through their body. While the body and mind remain in complete balance.

In the same way that happens with other similar therapies, bioenergetic psychotherapy affirms that there is a system of subtle energies, capable of influencing the well-being of people. If some kind of alteration occurs, people will begin to present physical discomfort. Generally they have to do with bad habits or self-destructive thoughts.

What is the origin of bioenergetic therapy?

The origin of the bioenergetic therapy it goes back to Sigmund Freud. His disciple Wilhelm Reich, became the first psychoanalyst to highlight the link that exists between the character of the human being and the muscular structure that he possesses. And later Wilhelm Reich became Alexander Lowen's teacher. Who created the therapy in question based on the work done by his mentor, as well as some ideas from oriental therapies.

Lowen states that mind, body and its vital energy function as one, that is, as a unit. Therefore, the interaction that occurs with each other is what generates well-being in a person. Due to this, it ensures that when a person goes through a traumatic experience, it not only affects the emotions but at the same time blocks the energy currents in their body.

The consequences of this fall on ailments that are repetitive, as in the case of illnesses or pain, also affecting mental functioning.

What is bioenergetic psychotherapy based on?

All bioenergetic therapy techniques they could be of great help in unlocking the parts of the body that have the most problems. Especially those that are unbalanced or stiff. Carrying out this method tries to let the feelings flow that do not have an appropriate outlet. Interfering in any way with the general health of the person. In the same way it affirms that the blockages that exist in the flow of energy have physical causes.

– Consume drugs.

– Eating a bad diet.

– Ingest tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

– Trauma caused by an accident.

The real ones principles of bioenergetic therapy They are on track to do the following:

– Make the expression of feelings easier.

– Work properly the corporal expression.

– Understand the personality that is associated with the body.

– Help patients regain their freedom.

– Increase the ability to experience happiness and pleasure.

– Put in motion the energy that is contained within the body through muscular tensions.

Character types

Lowen was able to describe five classes of character structures, taking into account the parts of the body where the flow of energy is hindered. The areas of the body that this specialist considered relevant are the neck, eyes, shoulders, mouth, waist, chest and diaphragm.

So, you set the character types as follows:

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People with an oral character are usually characterized by having a childish attitude, which derives from the lack of satisfaction in the need for affection in their early development. They are people with a narcissistic behavior and depend on others. Although they can also be independent in excess.

The energy blocks in this case take place at the waist and shoulders. In such a way that the extremities are usually weak and do not have a good development. Apart from that they have shallow breathing.


These people have the tendency to dissociate their thoughts and emotions, as well as lose contact with real life, apart from suffering rejection from their environment. Being a consequence of having grown up in a hostile environment, they are people who constantly feel fear.

According to Lowen's studies, the flow of energy is blocked in the areas of the waist, neck and shoulders. Weight is often carried on the outside of the feet, and the build is normally slim.


If you have this type of character, the locks will take place at the waist and midriff. Causing the energy not to flow correctly to the genital pole. Such people block their feelings, including sexual ones. With the tendency to seduce, dominate and deceive other people. At the same time, they are afraid that others will take advantage of them in a similar way.


A person with this kind of character shows negative, insecure, submissive behavior and little assertiveness, repressing their feelings of aggressiveness and hostility. It is a character structure that is caused by excessive pressure, usually from adults at a young age. Blocking the pleasure and individuality of the person.

Within the fundamentals of bioenergetic psychotherapy, blockages of this character are manifested in the waist, neck and throat. Increasing the possibility of anxiety states.


Its main characteristics are the traits of aggressiveness, ambition, pride, stubbornness and compulsive sexuality. These people constantly depress what they consider to be a sign of weakness, such as crying. Feeling afraid of getting emotionally close to other people. Due to the good contact with reality, this is the least pathological character of all.

In a case like this within bioenergetic psychotherapy, tension tends to accumulate in all parts of the body. When the concentration of stress is a little low, it is possible for the person to manifest an attitude of great energy and vitality.

What techniques are used in bioenergetic therapy?

In a bioenergy session, the specialist will carry out an analysis of the body and also of the character that the person possesses. With the aim of detecting the health problems to suffer or the ailments that have caused the tension.

The idea is to release all these blocks by stimulating the energy field. Thus, among the benefits of bioenergetic therapy there are relief from stress, anxiety, headaches, and relief from other common ailments. Mainly 4 techniques are used for bioenergetic psychotherapy sessions. Where its function is to diagnose, put energy in motion and release all tensions.


All the muscular tensions that are manifested in the body normally transform the breathing patterns. Therefore, the main steps to do a bioenergetic treatment are breathing exercises. While performing these exercises, the therapist will observe the breath to locate the blockages, or in its difference the emotional problems.

Bioenergetic exercises

When it comes to releasing the body and increasing vital energy, different body exercises are used in bioenergetic psychotherapy. Either exercises to stretch the limbs as well as pelvic movements.


As a complement to this healing method, body massages are used, in charge of stimulating the muscles. Being of great help for the elimination of toxins and the accumulated pressure caused by blockages.

Performing these massages is believed to promote the flow of blood and energy. Offering strength to the functions of the immune system, for the prevention of discomforts and infections.


It is normally used as a tool for the patient to achieve a state of tranquility both internally and externally. This measure suppresses all kinds of activity both physically and mentally, achieving a stimulus of self-knowledge and acceptance.


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