Bill Gates warns of a possible new pandemic

Your alert in this case refers to malaria, a serious disease transmitted by the mosquito Anopheles. Bill gates believes that the emergence of a new pandemic generated by this mosquito is possible. It warns that if we do not anticipate this evil, we could experience worse consequences than those caused by the coronavirus.

The founder of Microsoft said that as the Covid-19 spreads Around the world, it is important to remember the diseases that mosquitoes carry. Mentioning as one of the most dangerous to malaria, which does not take a breath during the pandemic. By contrast, the mosquitoes that spread it are infecting millions of people with malaria, a disease that kills a child every minute.

Gates also indicated that there was no choice between save lives from coronavirus or care for victims of malaria. He urged health officials to ensure that they urgently control the challenge of the pandemic, while also meeting the challenges posed by malaria. Also, don't forget about other illnesses that are being neglected.

These words of the magnate are in accordance with what was previously expressed by the World Health Organization. Institution that points out the problems of access to malaria treatments, indicating that they derive from the coronavirus pandemic. A situation that could lead to tens of thousands of deaths caused by this disease, since in the 2019 claimed the life of 409,000 people.

It's better to prevent

Bill Gates, pointed out that it is vital to address malaria, because during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, this type of disease, HIV and tuberculosis they took more strength.

The billionaire stressed that the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted supply chains for medicines, including HIV. Which could endanger hundreds of thousands of people who require these treatments.

He also said that a recent analysis found that essential malaria prevention and treatment services have been severely disrupted by the pandemic. And if this continues, deaths from this disease would reach levels not seen since 2000.

According to the WHO, malaria can be prevented with insecticide-treated nets and indoor fumigation.

For their part, Bill Gates and his wife decided to donate 300 million dollars to search for a vaccine against Covid-19. Melinda Gates explained the reason for her kind action:

"The reason we do this is because we do not want the first vaccines to reach the countries with the highest supply, but to those most in need.

They are confident that by being involved they will be able to help stop more catastrophes attributed to the coronavirus pandemic. And at the same time, prevent other diseases from spreading globally and taking the lives of millions of people.

What do you think of this bill gates prediction?