Bill Gates calls for treating future pandemics as seriously as "the threat of war"

Bill Gates has been in the crosshairs of conspiracy mongers around the world for years. Long before it warned of the danger of a future coronavirus in 2015, there are many movements that have accused one of the richest people in the world of wanting to control the population with their microchips. Now, the vaccine against covid-19 has served so that many are justified in those theories.

However, Bill Gates always tries to look further. And if in 2015 he warned of the possibility of a short-term pandemic on Earth, he is now convinced that this problem will recur in the more or less near future. Therefore, it issues a warning: "Future pandemics must be taken as seriously as the threat of war".

Bill Gates predicted a crisis like the coronavirus would come five years ago

The confidential

The founder of Microsoft and his wife Melinda have become, through their foundation, one of the most influential actors in the world in the last 12 months. Now, they have taken advantage of the annual letter that they publish from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to make an appeal to the richest nations in the world: they ask that invest tens of billions to prepare for the next pandemic globally.

A planetary effort

According to Gates, the idea is to develop "mega-diagnostic platforms"At a global level that allow us to prepare for the next pandemic. The goal is for these platforms to be able to analyze 20% of the world's population in a single week. But it is not the only modernization that requires the world's most important countries. .

Tens of billions must be invested to prepare for the next pandemic

In addition, as Forbes collects, the American billionaire asks create a global alert system. It would be a system created by the most developed countries where health workers could send different samples to be sequenced in a laboratory. If these samples were found to be highly infectious or a new pathogen on testing, a global "infectious disease first responder" team would be dispatched to that area.

Gates is very clear about what that team would be like: would be made up of about 3,000 health professionals and they would always be available for any emergency. In addition, at times when they did not have to respond to an alert, they would dedicate themselves to creating "germ games", that is, "simulations that allow us to practice, analyze and improve the way we respond to disease outbreaks, just like war games allow the military to prepare for real life warfare. "

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