Beware of ticks: write down these tips if you are going to walk through the field

As every year around this time, ticks proliferate in the grass and branches of the bushes of the Spanish fields. Last Thursday, June 11, the news broke about a middle-aged man who has suffered Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in the province of Salamanca due to the bite of one of these parasites. Although their favorite victims are domestic animals such as dogs or sheep, lHumans are also one of their favorite targets.

One of the peculiarities of its sting is that sometimes it is not perceived and it does not hurt. Many of them inoculate anesthetic chemicals present in their saliva during the anchorage and suction process, making their bite virtually painless. Thus, it is very important that you inspect your body well to get out of doubt if you have spent a few hours in pine forests or farms.

They can stay anchored to our clothes, hence the importance of washing the clothes we have used with very hot water

In that case, we must not stop enjoying the wild walks, but we must be well-prepared to avoid being attacked by these parasites at all times. How? Very easy. The Minister of Health of Castilla y León, Veronica Casado, He recommended going out to the pine forests with "long sleeve and long pants ", as well as "use repellents" against this type of insects. In the event that we detect a bite or the tick anchored to some part of our body, "it is important that it be removed well, not leaving the legs inside, so it is convenient that it be removed in a health center."

Other practical tips that can be added is avoid walking in tall grass or bushes, that is, to circulate better on the roads. Also sit in areas where there is a lot of vegetation. In addition, they can stay anchored to our clothing to attack later, hence the importance of washing the clothing we have used to walk through the field with very hot water. And of course, If you are accompanied by pets on your walk, you should thoroughly review them upon arriving home to rule out being stung.

In short, if you discover that you have been bitten, it is very important that you go to your health center immediately to minimize the possibility of being infected. What are the parts of the body where they tend to bite the most? Especially in the folds of the skin, such as the groin, genitals, armpits or navel. Also in those areas that we do not usually see too much with our own vision, such as the back of the legs, the buttocks, the back, behind the ears or without going any further, the scalp. The intelligence of these critters is one of their strengths when it comes to attacking their victims.

Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, a disease to which we can be exposed if we are bitten by a tick, is caused by a virus whose transmission occurs through this parasite, specifically of the 'Hyalomma' genus, according to 'El Norte de Castilla '. It can also be passed from person to person by blood or fluid contact, hence the importance of early diagnosis and hospital admission. It is a very contagious pathology, so if we notice any minimum symptoms or discover that they have stung us, it is essential to go to the health services immediately.