Beware of air conditioning in summer

No moisture The problem is not the cold, but the air conditioner dries the mucous membranes, the skin, and even the eyes. "Some studies show that people who work with excessive air conditioning may even have chronic headaches and a feeling of fatigue," explains Dr. Daniela Silva, specialist in Internal Medicine of Vithas Internacional de Madrid.

Increased risk Cold air exposure is especially harmful in people with asthma or other lung diseases. "It can inflame the mucosa of the bronchial tree, which is a risk factor for the development of respiratory infections and exacerbation of asthma attacks and bronchitis episodes," warns the expert.

User manual

To make healthy use of air conditioning set it at a temperature that ranges between 22 and 25ºC; make sure you drink enough water and even use an eye lubricant to hydrate the eyes. If the outside temperature allows it, turn it off a few hours a day, and, if you detect any respiratory problems, go to the doctor.