Best Electric Nailers for DIY and Professional Woodworking

The electric nailers are widely used for tasks of DIY at home like upholstering furniture, running phone cables over baseboards, or doing a lot of little homemade fudge. It is a very useful tool that can be used in both domestic and professional environments.

One of the best electric nailers that we will find in Amazon is the Einhell staple nailer gun. Suitable for simple work in wood, this powerful electric nailer with 30 shots per minute, electronic regulation of impact power or a handy level indicator to make the job easier. Whether you are a DIY lover or a professional woodworker, you will need a nailer.

The best, our choice: Einhell TC-EN 20 E Electric Stapler

Occupying the first place, the best electric nailer of the Einhell brand according to the opinions of users who have bought it on Amazon. More than one 55% of 5-star ratings. Valentín comments that “it was used to upholster a chipboard headboard without problems”. For her part, J. María highlights "the ease of doing homework with little strength".

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One of the most remarkable features of this electric nailer is its versatility. Is able to use nails type 47 and staples type 53. Ergonomic handle for a more secure grip and a more comfortable dive. Comes with level indicator to know when to load the machine. Allow some 30 rounds per minute. In addition, the electronic power regulation of impact.

Second option: Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge M15350 Finish Nailer

In second place, the best pneumatic nailer in our comparison is the best nailer from the Brüder Mannesmann brand. 4.5 stars from more than 200 reviews, with 71% of the maximum score. “The material, the finish, the quality, the reliability. One of the best pneumatic nailers I have ever owned ”, highlights Javier.

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It has an entrance for the connection to compressors. Have a 0.6L air consumption per shot and comes with scissors with heads from 15 to 50 mm long. The working pressure ranges from 4 and 8 bar pressure.

Alternative: MAKITA Tool 0088381680806

Finally, the best wine cellar of the Klarstein brand, the Vinamour model for lovers of good fresh wine. A 81% of 5-star reviews Among which Ramón Pérez indicates that “it is the first pneumatic pistol that I buy and I am super happy”. For his part, JJ highlights the “ease of use and excellent results with little effort. A total success ”.

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This pneumatic nailer comes with elastomer to reduce worker fatigue. Has a low vibration level thanks to counterweight system that favors comfort. In addition, it offers protection to the nailed material since it has a rubber stop to protect the workpiece. The connection to the compressor is made through the air inlet insertion thread.

How to choose an electric nailer and what to consider before buying one?

Even the best electric nailers allow you to easily drive nails or staples on any surface compatible with the machine. To choose the best electric nailer, you must know what type of work you are going to use it for since the necessary power will be different depending on the material we want to work with. Whether you are going to make small home arrangements or furniture upholstery, you can use a manual or low-power electric nailer, while if its use is more focused on furniture restoration or carpentry in general, you will need a more powerful electric nailer.

Also, if we are thinking of buying an electric nailer for domestic work in our home, a conventional stapler of less power may be enough. If instead we want to give it a use in professional carpentry or use it in concrete or steel drilling we will need a very powerful tool to drill holes in these surfaces effortlessly.

Some of the most important aspects when buying an electric nailer can be:

  • Size– In general, the largest electric nailers are usually the most powerful. However, sometimes we will need a small electric nailer to access places more easily.
  • DesignErgonomics when working with nailers is very important. The more comfortable the handle of the machine is to hold, the safer it will be to nail.
  • Power– The same nailing power is not required to work with wood or furniture upholstery as to fit cables in a piece of concrete or steel. For each job there is a minimum power required for proper execution.
  • Vibration: the best electric nailers all have an anti-vibration system in the handle that will make your arm suffer less of the return effect when using the machine.
  • Caliber: the vast majority of these tools allow the use of nails or staples of different gauges depending on the material on which we are going to use them.
  • Loader capacity: this characteristic becomes important how many more nails we need for the work to be done. A large capacity electric nailer will allow it to take longer to recharge to work.
  • Nailing depth: these types of tools allow nailing to different depths, depending on the desired result.

What is an electric nailer gun, how does it work and what is it for?

An electric nailer is a tool that allows the fixing of staples or nails on different surfaces by compressed air that makes the staple or nail hold something. It is often used a lot in carpentry and home DIY to make small repairs.

Electric nailers allow the fixing of staples or nails on different surfaces using compressed air

The basic features of a nail gun they are the power, ample load capacity, good battery life in case of being wireless, the speed and depth of nailing and the comfort and ease of use.

He operation of an electric nailer it's really simple. Although the best brands of electric nailers on the market include a manual on how to use a nailer, the process is really simple and could be summarized in three steps:

  1. We place the nails or staples in the loader of the machine.
  2. We adjust the power of the nailer according to the surface to be treated.
  3. We place the gun on the surface and we pull the trigger.

On the other hand, the best-selling electric nailers have advanced security systems to preserve our health and avoid accidents and cuts. This is due, among other things, to the shoes. These types of pieces come into contact with the surface of the material to be treated and once fixed they allow us to pull the trigger and the nails to be fired safely.

The goal of electric nailers is to power perform DIY or carpentry tasks where materials are required to be attached. It is widely used to insulate, fix telephone or internet cables, restore furniture, upholstery chairs, rugs and much more.

As we discussed earlier, electric nailers can be used to work with various materials such as concrete, steel, leather, or wood.

What types of nailers can we find on the market?

There are different types of nailers that we could organize based on how they get the power to function or their nailing method:

Manual nailers

Any stapler that we have at home to staple folios would be within this family of manual nailers. However, with these it would be difficult to nail cables to the wall. To solve the ballot, we have the most classic and cheap manual nailers.

Electric nailers

This type of nailer works through a power cable connected to the electrical network. This tool is more powerful than manual nailer and quieter than pneumatic nailer.

Cordless Electric Nailers

Like corded electric nailers, they are very powerful. Among its main benefits is the ability to offer greater mobility thanks to its wireless function and the energy from rechargeable batteries. For equal power, electric nailers are cheaper than pneumatic ones.

Pneumatic nailers

It considerably improves the speed and comfort compared to previous nailers. They are the most used by professionals in woodworking. The quality of the best pneumatic nailers is marked by the air compressor. The better the quality of it, the better the nailer will be.

Electric vs pneumatic nailer: which one is better?

If you have reached this point it is because you want to know what type of nailer is best suited to the job you want to do. Briefly, it can be considered that electric nailers are ideal for small DIY tasks around the home and pneumatic ones are better suited to the demands of professional jobs. However, both can be used interchangeably by amateurs or qualified personnel.

If you are looking for a multipurpose nailer suitable for furniture repair and other uses in woodworking and DIY that needs multiple nails, definitely choose one staple gun it will be a success. If, on the other hand, the use that you are going to give electric nailer It is for wood and small home touch-ups, the electric nailer will help you.

How Are Nailer Guns Classified?

These types of staplers can be classified in different ways. In this case, we believe that it will be easier to understand if we classify them by the energy source and the task we can perform with them:

Nailers by power source

Nailers obtain energy in different ways depending on their type. For this reason we can distinguish the best known as pneumatic nailers, which work with pressurized air, electric nailers with cable, gas operated or the best-selling such as cordless electric nailers. There are other less common types of nailers such as those powered with powder.

Nailers according to the work to be carried out

Depending on the model of nailer that we choose, we can carry out tasks as diverse as connection work of parts in construction, repairs or furniture upholstery for the decoration of our home and this tool is also widely used to carry out roofing or placement of wooden or parquet floors.

How do you use an electric wood nailer?

Using any of the best electric wood nailers is a breeze and takes little effort. To get the most out of its use, we must carefully read the instructions that each manufacturer indicates in the manual. Do not forget the protective equipment such as glasses and gloves before handling this tool. These are some of the general steps for all models:

  1. If the electric nailer works with a battery, you will only have to check that it is charged. In case of using a conventional cable gun, connect it to the mains to start using it.
  2. It depends on the model but all the nailers have a kind of rail where you can insert the nails or staples with the corresponding measure.
  3. Position the nailer on top of the material you want to work with and squeeze the trigger.
  4. Repeat the process as many times as there are nailing points.

What types of nails does an electric nailer need?

With electric nailers you can use different types of nails Headless, with head and staples to fix on surfaces such as wood, concrete, leather and the like. There are nails or staples made of copper, galvanized or smooth steel, brass and aluminum, among others.

Depending on the needs of each one, you can choose one type or another of electric nailer

As for the staples there are different types and measures depending on the use that we are going to give it. For example, flat staples 4 to 12 mm are ideal for fixing fine objects such as fabrics, placing posters or upholstering home furniture. The 14-25mm staples are used for construction work such as insulation or cladding, such as skirting boards. The nails with or without head They can also be used with nailers depending on whether we want it to be visible or not.

Pneumatic Nailer Nailing Modes

If you have finally decided on a pneumatic nailer, you should know that with it you can carry out two different nailing modes: sequence and continuous.

Sequential nailing

Very useful for those jobs that require a certain distance between staples. The machine itself, through its work programs, will be able to create a time interval for you to place it in the correct place.

Continuous nailing

This method, also known as burst nailing, allows a faster and easier nailing since you only have to keep your finger on the trigger and apply force to the shoe of the machine so that it launches the nail or staple instantly.

What should I do if the staple of my manual nailer sticks?

If staples get jammed in office staplers in DIY hand nailers, the same thing happens. To solve this ballot, you must follow a few simple steps:

  1. First of all we must remove the loading bar.
  2. Hold the switch and slide down the lane of metal.
  3. Carefully remove the damaged staple. You can use tweezers to avoid unwanted punctures.
  4. Replace the string of staples correctly and returns the rail to its original position.

What are the best electric nailers according to quality price?

Any of the three electric nailers analyzed at the beginning of the article could be candidates to be the best nailer of 2019 according to the value for money.

You already have all the necessary knowledge to buy best electric nailer according to the needs you have. Now, decide on the one that suits you best and start making the most of it.