Benefits of semen that you probably do not know

What is good for the skin, what helps with depression … when we talk about semen There are many unknowns. Most of us solved them here, however, it is true that this undervalued liquid serves for more things than you would at first believe.

Of course, semen does not serve as an analgesic, as a nutritional supplement or as an antidepressant. But what is it used for? We have the answer


– Soothes the skin because it contains an antioxidant called spermine that helps with wrinkles and even with acne. Moreover, there is even a Norwegian company that markets this component in their facial creams.

-During the First World War semen worked as invisible ink for British intelligence. Something super beneficial for the secret service and something that has left us speechless.

– According to a study of the University of Saskatchewan, semen could affect the areas of the female brain that are involved in ovulation.

According to research conducted by Gordon Gallup of the University of Albania, semen could be the solution to the morning sickness of pregnant women. According to the scientist, the body of the woman does not accept the external genetic component of the baby and has nausea. The way to solve it? Swallow semen to be immunized. The study, of course, does not coexist with the scientific community at all.

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