Benefits of red lentils, why should you take them?

The lentils they are one of the vegetables With more properties. The recipes that can be made with them are endless, from stews to purees or even hummus; There is no limit when we talk about its possibilities.

However, unlike pardino lentils, red lentils They are a very nutritious food that has fewer adherents but are even tastier. With a finer texture and a different flavor, they are a perfect type of vegetable if you want to lose weight, due to its satiating power. But… What properties hide?


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Many properties in a very small grain

Red lentil has no skin, so its digestion is easier. It takes little to cook and is easy to crush, which makes it the perfect ingredient for any puree or soup.

Where do you eat more? It is a super popular vegetable in Indian cuisine where most of the dishes are vegetarian and the best thing is that they only contain 100 calories per 100 grams.

Red lentils are a Source of protein, carbohydrates, viramines and essential minerals. In addition, due to their high fiber content they are beneficial for memory, facilitate intestinal transit and stand out for their high folic acid content.

They have a large percentage of iron, which, especially during pregnancy, helps prevent anemia. If you have stomach problems, they will become your best friends as they help with excess gas, intestinal problems and prevent constipation. Without a doubt, after reading this, you have no excuse.

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