Benefits of practicing yoga in menopause

There are many myths about menopause and, far from being a terrible time for women (almost treated as a disease), It is a stage of serenity, self-knowledge and fullness in maturity that makes women look more splendid and self-confident than ever. It is true that you have to take care of yourself, as in all stages of life, and that there are certain changes and symptoms that may bother you, but this process, which is completely natural, can be accompanied by allies to make you feel better and yoga is a formidable tool to connect body and mind and maintain good global health. We tell you everything yoga can do for you in menopause.

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The fifties as a time of feminine fulfillment

Around the age of 50 the woman enters a stage where she already knows perfectly what she wants, what she likes and what she doesn't. A golden age in which it shows a calm and calm beauty, in which they close stages and welcome novelties and a feeling in which they radiate confidence and security. Though This process usually comes with some symptoms that can be annoying, such as hot flashes, insomnia, bone problems or mood alterations.It is possible to combat these effects that cause hormonal fluctuations and yoga is a great tool to live the change from a more conscious prism reconnecting with your body.

One of the best things that yoga has is that you yourself are going to set your pace, listening to your body and without demanding yourself, it is you who will give more or less intensity to the practice depending on the requirements or limitations of your body at that time. It is not necessary to force, it is not necessary to feel pain, so you can enter the postures or asanas in a leisurely way, taking your time and observing how far you are able to reach and improving the posture in each breath.


Benefits of yoga at maturity

Practicing yoga will help you improve coordination, be more aware of your body and what it needs, here and now, an exercise of powerful mindfulnes that will take you to a state of stillness and calm very beneficial to combat stress, irritability and sleep disorders. It will also help you to work the force but with the body's own weight so it is you who decides how far you can take the posture. Agility, balance and flexibility are 3 parameters that also develop in the practice of yoga, so you will improve memory and keep joints healthy, reducing the risk of injury.


Benefits are not achieved only on a physical level, the emotional part is also worked deeply in yoga. Mental balance and harmony are effects that are achieved with usual practice, favors a good mood and brings vitality and mental agility.

A clearer mind, a more elastic and strong body are the most obvious consequence of doing yoga on a regular basis but It also helps improve lung capacity and circulation, in addition to helping the endocrine system with estrogen production minimizing the discomfort associated with menopause.


Yoga becomes a lifestyle once you start the practice, and in menopause the benefits are so extraordinary that you will quickly notice how unwanted symptoms are reduced and how you increase your level of energy and vitality, you will listen more to your body and you will feel much better physically and mentally. If you also join it with pranayamas or conscious breaths, the discipline becomes almost a medicinal exercise or a balm for body and soul. Namaste!

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