Benefits of olives: the perfect snack to tan your skin

Who was going to tell us that while we had the appetizer on our favorite terrace, we are also taking care of our skin? Olives, also called olives by many, are a staple in the Mediterranean diet, present in dishes ranging from salads to pizzas. This pickling can be a healthy snack if we take it in moderation: a serving of 100 grams of olives has about 115 calories. Although its caloric intake is high, it is excused that its nutritional properties and health benefits are very interesting.

To not exceed, take into account that the recommendation of the experts is to take seven olives a day. Nutritionists also advise to wash them with a splash of water before consuming them, especially those that we buy in jars, since they usually carry preservatives and flavor enhancers.


Olives protect us from free radicals

Between the benefits of olives High levels of antioxidants stand out. According to experts from Grupo Cazorla: "Olives not only burn fat thanks to that they are rich in adiponectin, but also protect us from within the oxidative damage thanks to its high content of oleic acid and vitamin E. "We must take into account that we extract our precious extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the liquid gold in our diet that also has benefits for our skin: it helps prevent the expansion of free radicals caused by external factors such as Damage caused by the sun and pollution.


Foods rich in antioxidants

The olives also contain vitamin A, which helps the skin maintain its pH neutral, "which is essential to maintain a radiant and healthy skin tone," say experts.

And it is that within the antioxidants of this appetizer, two that favor the care of our skin are striking. On the one hand we find the oleuropein, a substance present in the pulp of the olive that acts directly on the dermis, destroying free radicals caused by UV rays and environmental pollution. And on the other hand, the quercetin, which helps slow down cell aging and also strengthens our hair.

This summer, olives can help you get a healthy tan. You no longer need an excuse to take the aperitif without remorse.

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