Benefits of maderoterapia, the anti-cellulite treatment that does not fail Cristina Pedroche

It all started when a few weeks ago we saw a photo on Cristina Pedroche's Instagram profile. In it she appeared lying on a stretcher, about to give herself a massage with some curious wooden instruments. An image similar to the one we saw days later in Vikika Costa's profile: the fitness guru told in her stories what she was doing to tone your body and prevent cellulite: maderoterapia. "It's a little painful, but super effective," he explained. That is why we decided to investigate a little more about this treatment: What are the benefits of maderoterapia?

"The main objective is eliminate excess adipocytes that accumulate in the body, especially in the hips, thighs and abdomen, in the case of women”, They explain from Santum, an aesthetic center in Madrid expert in maderoterapia. "It is a technique that was born in China, but was perfected in Colombia, and is mainly used to treat cellulite."

What is a maderotherapy session?

Before beginning the massage, it is necessary to prepare the skin. "First I know exfoliates so that fibrolytic active ingredients can penetrate it, such as those contained in orange oil that we use ", they tell us. Then we use different wooden instruments that adapt to each area of ​​the body. The main ones are the smooth roller, which activates the circulatory and lymphatic system, or the Swedish cup, which helps treat adiposity and model.

Each session lasts one hour, and although the ideal complete treatment consists of about 10 or 15 sessions, from the center assure us that "the results are visible from the first". Although this also depends on the skin of each person and their condition. "In overweight people it is complicated to see aesthetic results, although it can be used to discharge at the water level (eliminate liquids). In this case, you should first treat overweight."

In addition to cellulite, maderoterapia is also practical to work on fluid retention, since in these sessions a lymphatic drainage is performed accompanied by thermosudoration. That is why it is useful if you want to lose volume and improve circulation. And as for the prices per session, these vary depending on each clinic. But it is usually around 70-80 euros.

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