Benefits of gotu kola (or centella asiatica), the plant of the thousand and one uses

You are probably familiar with other names of plant extracts such as tea tree oil or aloe vera, but you may have never heard of gotu kola, although it has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. There they are also known as "source of life" due to its excellent properties, which are associated with longevity. And here it sounds to us because it is usually used in cosmetics under the name of centella asiatica. But what makes this plant so popular?

Benefits of gotu kola for the skin

Among other uses, this plant has been used to Treat diseases such as leprosy or psoriasis. This is because the gotu kola contains steroids that have the ability to help regenerate skin tissues, so it is also useful for healing burns and healing wounds.

In cosmetics, the gotu kola or centella asiatica It is also used as an ingredient in creams and serums aimed at regenerating the skin, such as aftersun, creams to cure tattoos or to hide scars after an aesthetic medical treatment. But it is also used in products for retard aging. And this is another of the benefits of gotu kola: the Asian acid it contains helps the production of collagen, also preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It is even believed to be very efficient in combating cellulite thanks to its firming properties.


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Can you take gotu kola?

This plant is not only part of the cream ingredients, it is also suitable for human consumption. Just don't think you'll find it in the aisles of the supermarket next to the lettuce. Gotu kola is sold in capsule form, by way of nutritional supplement, or in sachets with the crushed leaf To make infusions with it, shakes, add it in smoothies. They also sell it in herbalists or in specific stores like Amazon.

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