Benefits of chicory root, the substitute & # 039; healthy & # 039; of coffee that is fashionable

It is not easy to convince a coffee lover to try another drink in the morning. And we understand it. But if this is your case, you may change your mind after reading this article about the benefits of chicory root, a plant that is used as a substitute for coffee. The reason? It has a similar appearance and taste, but is caffeine free. Instead it has other very interesting properties.

And although this taking chicory root infusions has now become fashionable, it's really nothing new. In Spain it was done during the Civil War due to the scarcity of resources and since this plant grows wild in our fields.


What are the benefits of chicory root?

In addition to being a good alternative for people who are hypertensive or cannot drink caffeine for various reasonsChicory root has a peculiarity that makes it special: it can help balance the intestinal flora and improve digestion. It acts as a stimulant of intestinal transit and also promotes proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, favoring the flora.

In addition, its root is precisely the most interesting part of this plant because it is where the fiber resides, which acts, as studies indicate, as a prebiotic.

And, on the other hand, it can be a good infusion for a diet whose goal is to lose weight, as it gives a satiating feeling. In meal plans such as intermittent fasting can help keep hunger at bay during non-intake hours.

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