Benefits detox of sweating in the sauna

Nowadays we accumulate many harmful substances and toxins in our body that must be eliminated to maintain an optimal state of health, and not only that, heat and sweating have many more benefits that you may still not know. We give you the reasons why you should consider incorporating the sauna to your healthy routines.

According to dr. Isabel Belaustegui "Raising body temperature through sauna sessions it helps you improve athletic performance, gives you more resistance to effort, a greater gain in muscle mass and greater tolerance to stress, in addition to having a healthy effect on the whole organism. "


These claims would dismantle the myth that exposure to heat would aggravate fatigue or reduce resistance to physical exercise. In fact, it has been observed that exposure to heat through sauna sessions, induces the body to carry out a series of adaptations that lead to reduce the effort and improve sports performance.

Healthy benefits of a sauna session

According to dr. Rhonda Patrick, the sauna optimizes the mechanisms responsible for controlling body temperature during exercise, elevating sweat rate and sensitivity to sweat, that is, sweating before and that causes the body temperature to be reduced during training.

Exposure to heat increases the number of red blood cells in the blood, which are responsible for the transport of oxygen, as well as blood flow. This would imply greater efficiency in the transport of oxygen to the muscles as well as a lower consumption of glycogen, explains the expert. Due to this fact, the lactate (glycogen decomposition) in blood and muscle during exercise is also reduced.


It would also increase the blood plasma volume so that more blood would reach the heart that will require less pumping effort and a lower heart rate. This makes your resistance better when the body temperature rises again.

The sauna promotes muscle development since it reduces protein degradation. These proteins protect from damage to the muscle caused by stress. It has also been observed in laboratory studies that sauna sessions contribute to the release of growth hormone (GH)

Did you know that the sauna helps you control your weight and your mood?

But not for the reason that it may be the most obvious such as the loss of water, what this elevation of body temperature does is that it increases insulin sensitivity, keeping blood glucose levels stable and avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body.

In animals it has even been observed that it increased their life expectancy, so if this were to occur in humans it would be an element to take into account to achieve greater longevity. Although its capacity to extend life is not proven if its properties are to bring happiness and even intelligence.


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It increases the levels and production of norepinephrine (one of the so-called happiness hormones that intervenes in cognitive abilities), and of prolactin (responsible for repairing damaged nerve fibers). As well The secretion of BDNF is increased, a hormone that intervenes in learning ability and helps to reduce levels of anxiety.

As you will see, the sauna will not only help you to purify the body eliminating toxins and waste substances by sweating, it is also a great complement to maintain an enviable state of health. So, if you still did not include sauna sessions in your weekly routines, maybe it's time for you to consider it, whether or not you're an athlete.

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