Being tired all the time: 7 indisputable reasons

If you're wondering lately "Why do I feel so tired and dizzy?" or "Why do I feel sore and tired all the time?" it's time you listen to your body. We all, at some point, have probably asked ourselves the same questions when we want to fulfill all our responsibilities. But sometimes the energy is not enough to finish the day. In this article we will talk about the indisputable reasons that give you a clue as to why you feel like this.

Understandably, feeling tired makes daily activities unenjoyable, especially since your mood and well-being are being affected. The good news is that it is possible change some habits to get energy back and can perform better, leaving the days of fatigue and sadness behind.

The first thing to do to generate change is to know how to identify the reasons that cause you to feel very tired and with pain all over the body. In this article you will find some characteristics that will answer why you are fatigued and with low energy.

Why do I wake up tired and without energy every day?

Knowing exactly why you are tired and without energy is not an easy task to identify. The reason for the difficulty is because it is impossible to measure it objectively. This means that it is not possible to define how tired your body is. The other thing is that the energy levels you have will depend on the following:

  • Genes
  • Age
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Seasons
  • Body mass index
  • Habits and lifestyle

That you feel tired and sad is going to be a common denominator of different conditions. It's known that chronic tiredness or chronic fatigue is a condition in which medical attention is necessary. This is because it can be a symptom of a disease such as: thyroid problems, anemia, anxiety, diabetes, depression, etc. Do you notice that you feel dizzy or very tired all the time and it already affects your routine? It is good that you consult with your doctor.

7 reasons why you feel tired and sad:

1. Not getting enough sleep: this is a very common and the most important reason. When the brain is asleep, it is still active and the body begins a process of repair, maintenance and construction of tissues. This is why, when your alarm goes off, the body is already like new. Experts recommend sleeping at least 7 hours a day, this sleep must be calm and uninterrupted so that the brain goes through all the stages of sleep.

2. Little healthy food: often when you are tired and discouraged you opt for a coffee or small meal to stay awake. When this happens you have to look at what you eat and if this is unhealthy. Why? Unconsciously, the missing energy is being given to the body through food, so it is resorting to foods that contain a lot of sugars, fats or calories.

3. When refined flours or added sugars are chosen: for example, chocolates, sweet bread, sugary drinks, etc., the body is responsible for absorbing that energy at once and increases the glucose level very quickly. This leads the body to secrete insulin and bring the glucose spike to a level much lower than normal. This makes you feel tired and hungrier again.

4. Lack of hydration: on average, 80% of the adult population in the world spends their day slightly dehydrated. This happens when there is a reduction in the volume of blood, which makes it thicker, so the heart pumps blood less efficiently, the speed at which oxygen and nutrients reach the muscles is reduced , organs and brain. All of this creates a feeling of tiredness, numbness, and fatigue.

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5. Do not exercise: exercise makes our body recharge with energy. That is why when people are not doing physical activity they can feel much more tired and with pain throughout the body. When you exercise regularly you are increasing strength and endurance, which helps the body to be much more efficient.

6. Unnecessary energy expenditure: Among the unnecessary energy cats is pouring all energy into reaching perfection. When you want to be perfect, you work much harder and spend more time than necessary. This makes the person mentally and physically exhausted. This in turn causes self-esteem to also suffer due to setting goals that are unrealistic or difficult to achieve.

7. Don't listen to your body: Within the human body there are substances and hormones that have very opposite functions, some are responsible for keeping you awake and others for making you sleep. That is why the energy you have will vary at certain points of the day, while at another you will be very tired.

The problem is when you do not get enough rest when the body tells us that it is time to sleep. By making an effort to stay awake despite the fatigue permanently, dysregulation is generated, which is known as chronic fatigue.


In order for our body to function properly and to produce enough energy for good performance, you need:

  • Hydrate yourself properly.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Cover the quota for sleep and rest.
  • Exercise.
  • Avoid wasting unnecessary energy.
  • Listen to your body.

Being able to meet these points can make a big change in your life. Take into account the previous point and make sure you comply with each of these tips, with the passage of time you will feel much better.

What should I not do when I am tired?

– Do difficult tasks: this point is related to work. If you have an important meeting or interview on the doorstep, you need to be alert and in the best shape to answer any questions. If you need to prepare any material, it is important that you are as rested as possible.

– To eat candies: As we discussed earlier, these types of foods will not help you feel more energetic in the long run. The recommended thing in these cases is a food high in fiber.

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– Discuss important topics: when you are tired your judgment becomes clouded and makes you much more irritable. It is best to rest and save the important conversations for another time.

Is it possible to stop feeling tired and achy all over your body?

Yes, throughout this article we have already seen how it can be achieved. Some Changes in lifestyle It can make you feel a lot less tired, dizzy and without energy. That is why, once again, we recommend that you exercise regularly, exercises that combine balance and breathing will help you a lot to improve your energy.

Another important point is rest, make sure you get enough sleep so that your body can fulfill each stage of sleep and you wake up with more spirits. Remember also nutrition and hydration, although it sounds repetitive, they can change your life.

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