Beet is the superfood of 2020 (and we tell you why)

It is a fact. The beet It is one of the vegetables that has less followers. If I had an Instagram account, it would be anything but famous. And, it has a sweet taste that does not make the first bite fall in love, that is clear. However, his fans are unconditional and for a lifetime. Like true loves.

Its purple color makes it a special vegetable (it reminds us a bit of Zara's famous coat that has fallen in love with writing) and is in season between March and May, so there is little left to enjoy it.

If you can not wait, it is not a difficult fruit to find outside these months, yes, it will not be so sweet. The recipes in which you can find it are endless, but … do you know what benefits it has?


We all know its properties when it comes to losing weight, especially in milkshake due to its purifying effect. But it is also beneficial for hair and skin well-being.

This tuber is full of vitamins and minerals which makes it a very nutritious option while satisfying (especially if you are trying to escape from excesses after Christmas), which will instantly boost your energy. But the key is not just to ingest it.

To stay hydrated you just have to add it to the salad or make hummus, which will improve the appearance of your skin. However, if you apply the beet on clean skin, it will help you give yourself extra comfort, as well as help you eliminate dead cells.


Because of its high levels of vitamin C It helps correct redness and pigmentation. If you apply beet juice on the skin with a brush, you can benefit from all its properties first hand. But its benefits do not stay here, as it can help prevent hair loss due to its high levels of potassium, which makes beets a must-see superfood for this year.

Haven't we convinced you yet?

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