Beer, more effective than Paracetamol for pain

Is beer a better analgesic than paracetamol? According to a study by the University of Greenwich, England, yes. And the research concludes that drinking two beers can become one of the best remedies to combat physical discomfort.

And this happens because with two beers, the ailment is reduced by a quarter, since alcohol increases the blood dose by 0.08% and extends the Pain threshold. "Alcohol can be compared to opioid drugs as the codeine and its effects are more powerful than those of paracetamol. If we can make a drug without the harmful side effects, then we could have something that is potentially better than what is out there at the moment, "Dr. Trevor Thompson, coordinator of this study published in the Journal of Pain, explained to The Sun. .

To reach this conclusion, the researchers analyzed 18 studies on the dose of alcohol in the response to pain in humans. This was verified through observing 404 people that "the Alcohol is an effective analgesic that achieves clinically significant reductions in pain intensity scores. This could explain alcohol abuse in patients who have persistent pain, despite the possible long-term health consequences, "they said.

However, the study also points out that: "alcohol dependence can develop a negative reinforcement of models of drug addiction (…) It is easily accessible, relatively cheap, and it is likely that its use as an analgesic encourages its use, as an alternative to other medications or treatments that are more difficult to obtain. However, the abuse of this substance can mean a long-term health threat, associated with diseases cardiovascular, hepatic, mental or carcinogenic"

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