Bedtime, what habits are healthy?

Although we give less importance than it deserves, the dream is the basis of all our functioning. It plays a fundamental role in our health. Therefore, getting between seven or eight hours of quality rest should be a main objective in our routine. What should bedtime be?

Lack of sleep can affect both our health and our mood or temperament, not to mention our performance at work or in the study. That is why taking care of certain habits at bedtime can be very beneficial in our lives.

Not resting well can cause our immune system to be weaker and, therefore, to be more sensitive to any disease. Interestingly, it also influences our diet. Lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite. and, therefore, it could influence weight gain. This is because it alters the hormones that control appetite and satiety.

For all this, In this article we explain healthy habits at bedtime, that will improve the quality of your sleep. You will notice that, by resting better, your memory, performance and even mood will improve.

Bedtime: Calculate your sleep

There is no scientific evidence to say how long we should sleep. However, evidence has found negative effects due to lack of sleep.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Sleep Foundation (USA) agree that An adult should sleep about 7 or 8 hours a day. However, this depends on each individual. There are people who sleep 6 hours a day feel as restful as another who needs at least 10 hours.
The truth is that there is no study that states exactly how much we should sleep. But Scientists say that it is not our body that needs to recharge energy, but our brain. While we sleep, the brain takes the opportunity to "clean" all the accumulated waste during the day. Therefore, we need enough sleep to work properly.
Further, sleeping less than 7 hours is associated with weight gain, diabetes and hypertension. In fact, when you don't get enough sleep, you may feel discomfort in the body and constant fatigue.

You have to be regular at bedtime

Setting an hour to go to bed can help you achieve better sleep. Your body gets used to that routine. You will notice that, if you meet the same schedule every day, You will start to get sleepy shortly before that time comes. Thus, when you go to bed you will achieve the fastest sleep.

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Relax before going to sleep

At bedtime the ideal is to be calm and relaxed. It is very common that, when we go to sleep, all worries assail us. But nevertheless, We must try to remove all the accumulated stress and anxiety of the day.

Therefore, a good habit at bedtime is to try certain relaxation techniques. First, pYou can take a series of deep breaths. Similarly, try to relax the muscles or do gentle stretches.

To take away those thoughts that overwhelm you, you can write them down in a newspaper or a paper by the bed. Then try to avoid them. Focus your mind on the moment or imagine pleasant situations.

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Other healthy habits at bedtime

To have a good quality of sleep it is important to put into practice some nocturnal habits that favor rest.

  • Avoid television or mobile phone in bed. Even if you don't believe it, they can make you nervous or reduce your sleep.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Go to bed only when you are tired. Even if you have been trying to sleep for a long time and you don't get it, go to another room. Come back when you feel like sleeping again.
  • Use the bed only for sleeping or for relationships. Do other things in it like study, watch TV, use the computer, It makes us associate the bed with other activities that are not sleeping. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid it.
  • Avoid naps that are too long, as they can disturb the rhythm of sleep.
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine, soda or any other exciting.
  • Stop smoking because The nicotine in cigarettes is also exciting.
  • Similarly, make your room a quiet and pleasant place. If there is too much noise, you can use plugs. If the problem is light, Try using a mask or place dark blinds. You can try to make your bed more comfortable with good-looking sheets or a good pillow.

In conclusion

Maintaining good habits at bedtime can help us achieve the quality sleep we need. In fact, Other activities such as regular exercise or food care can help us get a better rest. Do not forget that the dream can influence almost all areas of your life, try to take care of it.