Beauty of feet at home: these are the 5 most recommended tricks to take care of them

The foot beauty It consists of a series of treatments that allow you to have the best care so that your feet look healthy. Because of this we tell you about the foot beauty at home and 5 tricks to take care of them properly.

apply techniques of foot beauty always a good idea when temperatures are warmer. Since in addition to renewing clothes, footwear is also renewed for that season, so it is common for many women to want to wear sandals. And to show them off, what better than taking care of the health of the feet.

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Why is foot beauty important?

The feet have to support the weight of the body daily and that is why you have to take a moment to take care of them. Since if for some reason you experience pain in your feet, this could cause problems in your ankles, knees and even your back.

Implement some care foot beauty as the pedicure, allows to eliminate all kinds of dead cells that are accumulated. Keeping nails in good condition and taking care of cuticles. Likewise, it is of great help to eliminate any kind of callus or hard skin, as well as the appearance of cracked heels.

Therefore, the foot beauty It is a way to feel good and healthy. And despite the fact that the times when the temperatures are warmer it is a good idea to go to the pool or the beach, we must not leave aside the foot beauty at home the other days of the year.

How to apply foot beauty tricks at home?

make a pedicure at home it is not something so complicated and it will allow your feet to always stay healthy. Also highlighting that not only women can enjoy a good session of foot beautysince men can keep their feet in good condition by applying the following tricks:

Soak your feet in some hot water

If you previously applied foot makeupyou will first have to remove the enamel before starting with a pedicure. To do this, it is important to use a good quality nail polish remover, which avoids damaging the nails. Helping you with some cotton flakes moistened with acetone.

Once this has been done, the feet should be soaked in some hot water. In case you want better results and convert that moment of foot beauty at home in a spa, you can place a few drops of essential oils. Citrus or lavender are perfect for occasions like these. Since in addition to relaxing the feet, they will help combat the pain in that area.

Another alternative is to put some bath salts in the water where you will place your feet to soak, since they are exfoliating. It is important that you take the necessary time for your feet to relax and absorb the salts or essences that you have placed. And in case the water gets cold, you should have a little more hot water on hand.

clean heels

After your feet have soaked, you need to remove them from the water and dry them very well using a clean, soft towel. Using a pumice stone, carefully polish the heels and each of the outer sides of the feet. Which are the places where, normally, the thickest skin grows due to the constant pressure that is exerted. Apart from the fact that some usual shoes are not so comfortable.

This thick skin grows so that keratinocytes form, generating, apart from a bad appearance, the formation of calluses that cause a lot of pain. For this reason it is necessary to polish and exfoliate those areas of the feet, removing the dead cells that are accumulated. When you finish with the exfoliation you should rinse and dry again. To finish this part of the foot beautyyou should apply a cream with vitamin A through massage.

Cut the nails

Before cutting your nails you must first use a tool known as a gouge, which often comes with pliers. It is used to clean the edges of the nails and the inner part between the tips. Later, to avoid discomfort with ingrown nails, it is best to cut them short and straight.

Achieving this rest cut implies avoiding the use of scissors or pliers that have an oblique or oval shape. If you follow these tips you will no longer be afraid to cut your nails.

File and shape nails

Without having to modify the cut of the nails, you can file a little the corners as well as the base so that they are even and smooth. The key is to start with the rough part of the file and then finish with the finer part. Another very useful trick is to file only in one direction, in this way you avoid scratching or breaking the nail.

If you are prone to ingrown toenails, you can lift the ingrown part to relieve some pressure and file or cut that part. Despite this, it is recommended that you go to a podiatrist to prescribe the appropriate treatment for ingrown toenails.

On the other hand, if you have diabetes, do not try to touch the ingrown toenail for any reason. Going back to common nail filing, keep in mind that toenails are a little thicker and their growth is slower than fingernails. Because of this, it is convenient to use coarse grit files and use them exclusively for the feet.


That little skin that grows on the edge and base of the nails has to be cut off following these tips. You can place a piece of cotton moistened with a product that softens the cuticle on each of your nails, leaving it to act for up to 10 minutes.

Afterwards, rinse your feet in hot water and dry them very carefully. Using a gouge or the edge of a pliers, push the cuticle and using pliers or oblique scissors, proceed to cut it and remove it very carefully.

What home remedies to use to look beautiful feet?

The feet are the part of the body that does the most work during the day. Walking, playing sports and making other efforts represent a tiring job that in many cases is not taken into account. In the same way that specialists advise moisturizing the skin, it is essential to pay attention to the feet, to prevent them from suffering as little as possible.

In addition to the tricks foot beauty mentioned above, there are some home remedies that can be applied:

natural scrub

When you wear sandals, the feet being uncovered reveal the defects that are typical of dry skin. Having cracked heels is a consequence of carelessness in their treatment. However, to remove this rough appearance and achieve smoothness, there are several efficient foot scrubs that should be applied once a week.

The peppermint scrub is the easiest to make, and the components can be found in the pantry. It only requires two cups of brown sugar, two drops of peppermint essential oil, and a half cup of olive oil. By mixing these ingredients, you get a consistent paste that you should apply by massaging in a circular motion for two minutes and then remove.

Salt water baths

After long hours of work or playing sports, the feet end up tired and often swell. Something that will allow to eliminate this muscular fatigue in the feet is to take baths of water with salt. Immersing the feet first in hot water and then, in contrast, in a little cold salt water.

Among the benefits that these baths offer are the relief of tension in the feet, activation of circulation in that part of the body and neutralizes some pain.

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Chamomile to relieve calluses

The properties of chamomile make it an efficient way to eliminate some discomfort. Beyond relieving the symptoms of poor digestion, chamomile is ideal for applying to the feet. Being an alternative to relieve the discomfort of calluses.

With just four tablespoons of chamomile flower and a liter of water, it is possible to make an infusion that allows you to soften your feet. The mixture should be made in a large container, where the feet should be introduced once the liquid is hot.

aloe vera

Eliminating calluses on the feet is possible by applying a little aloe vera gel to the feet. And it is that the calluses are those uncomfortable and unattractive effects that are formed in that area. But that can be reduced by applying aloe vera daily.


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