Beautiful and fun cushions: the deco bargain with which you will be able to transform your bedroom for very little money

We have the perfect decorating tip to add a fun touch to your bedroom. It’s very simple: you just have to place some cushions on the bed that are beautiful and match your sheets. The options are almost endless, so it can be difficult to decide. To help you, today we bring you a small selection of designs that are affordable.

Like is the perfect choice for lovers of social networks / Mr. Wonderful

The I Like Mr. Wonderful model is the ideal option for lovers of social networks. It is red in color and has a funny blank heart. Not only has a very cheerful design, but it is also especially soft. Its price is € 19.50.

The Nube model is our favorite / My marieta

Our favorite is the MyMarieta Cloud cushion. It is made of white plush and has gold and pink embroidery that create a sleeping face. As a result, it conveys a serenity that makes it perfect for the bedroom. It costs € 22.

The cat-shaped cushion is made of velvet / Curiosite

Do you want a cushion that you can cuddle? Then you have to get the model in the shape of a fat cat that Curiosite brings us. Is made with velvet, so it has a very nice texture. As for its price, it is € 17.45.

A personalized design is the best way to achieve a unique decoration / Gift giver

If you are looking a unique designWe recommend the personalized Regalador cushion. You can put the name and the initial that you want. In addition, each letter is accompanied by a different flower. It has a price of € 21.95.

The character model is available in two sizes / Original Gift

Original Gift also offers us various ways to personalize a cushion. Our favorite is the model with characters that represent you and your family. It can be yours for € 15 (or € 9, if you opt for the mini version).

H&M cushion is the cheapest option / Instagram: @ petite_maison19

If you have a very tight budget, H&M has the perfect alternative for you. It is a star-shaped model in yellow. It’s made with a blend of cotton and linen. With a price of € 9.99, it is the cheapest on the list.

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