Be careful: 5 signs that you are washing your hair too much

We are in a time when the hair has become the obsession of many. Have a hair well taken care of seems easy and some believe that with wash it several times a month enough to be healthy, but they are wrong. In addition, it is very possible that you are doing it too And don't know.

Did you know that you should clean it with a lot less frequency what your skin? It can be tempting to clean and condition it every morning, especially if you have it fatty or it gets so easy, but doing it daily can cause many problems how to remove many essential oils from the scalp.

"There is no exact number of times to do it per week, "he says Tonya Le, celebrity stylist, to 'Insider'. "It depends on the texture or production of natural oil"he adds. What you can do is pay attention to the signals what does your hair give you to identify that You are mistreating it.

Take good care of it

To start, our hair It is a live and dry fiber. If we deprive it of excessive moisture from the shampoo, it dries again and the cycle continues to result in weak and damaged hair. There are some signs that you are washing it too much. If you color fades very fast, it is dry and frizzy, you always have the tips open, already Does not shine as before or you have a lot of dandruff It means you clean it more than you should.

"The lack of moisture in the oils can cause a scalp dry and flaky, and as it dries so does your hair. This one becomes flatter and also begins to lack brightness", says Le.

Do not dry your hair with the towel. The only thing you achieve with that movement is to rub the fiber and open the tips

Although they exist two opposite theories -one defends that you should wash your hair whenever you notice it fatty and the other that ensures that it is preferable to wash it two or three times a week-, the reality is that an excess of washing eliminates the natural oils that the scalp gives off and that are necessary to protect the root and maintain the correct hydration of the hair.

Dermatologist Mary P. Lupo ensures in 'Allure' that the proper way to wash it, whether you have oily hair or not, is to concentrate the shampoo and massage on the two centimeters of hairs closest to the scalp, since that is where dirt accumulates , grease and sweat. To clarify, the colder the water, the better.

And dry it?

Before the dryer moment, there is the towel moment. Do not do it. For, never again in life you rub your hair because the only thing you achieve with that movement is friction the fiber and open the tips. Is it better to roll it in a towel like the most fashionable of the turbans? Neither, since this makes the hair It tangles and breaks. An alternative can be with a cotton shirt, obviously an old one or that you no longer wear. OR on air, much better.

Washing it in excess eliminates the natural oils that the scalp gives off, necessary to protect the root and maintain proper hydration

Apply the heat of the dryer directly to wet hair, in addition to assuming a time wasting because the excess water has not yet been removed from the hair, It hurts. Another practice to avoid is to try to smooth it with a comb and the device when it still has water. Of course, keep a proper distance between the two also helps prevent breakage.